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happy-computerBasic actions can help keep check-in running smoothly on your computers, and, therefore, for your organization. Actions such as consistently cleaning your printers, running operating system updates, and maintaining an anti-virus program, can keep things running smoothly when it’s time to check children in. Follow these tips, and, remember, if you need further assistance, KidCheck’s Support Team is here and ready to help!

1) Keep Your Label Printer Clean

A clean label printer is a happy label printer. Well, maybe we can’t speak to its actual happiness, but periodically cleaning your printer will ensure it stays in tip-top shape and reliable working order, and that helps keep you happy. We suggest cleaning printers at least monthly. If a printer jams, clean it immediately! Since labels can’t be in the printer when you clean it, consider performing the cleaning before putting in a new roll. It’s a quick and easy process. KidCheck has printer cleaning pads available to order in the KidCheck Store.

How to Clean Your Printer

  1. Wipe any dust or debris off the outside of the printer. If needed, you can clean dirt or smudges with rubbing alcohol, diluted dish detergent, or diluted glass cleaner.
  2. Open the cover and remove loaded labels by using the eject button on the right.
  3. Carefully clean any paper, dust, or debris from the interior with a toothbrush or cotton swab.
  4. Use a pad from the cleaning pad packet and insert it into the printer as if it were a label. Press the Manual Feed Button on the front of the printer to move the card through if it doesn’t feed automatically. Repeat several times.
  5. Discard the cleaning pad after use.
  6. Reload labels making sure they are face down with the hole on the left.

2) Perform Operating System Updates

Let’s be honest, computers can be a tad finicky at times. Keep your operating system updates current to help keep your system working at its best.

How to Perform Windows Updates

  1. Go to the Windows search area (from the Start Button in Windows 7 / from the Side Menu in Windows 8).
  2. Search for “Windows Update.”
  3. Find the appropriate Windows Update app in your search and open it (in Windows 8, you will need to select the “Settings” area).
  4. The Windows Update app will tell you if you have updates to perform, if updates will perform automatically, how frequently updates will perform, etc. Explore the menus to find the information you’re looking for and make changes appropriate to you.
  5. If you initiate any updates, re-start your computer afterward to allow them to completely install.

How to Perform Mac Updates
Mac updates tend to manage themselves fairly well. If you want to manually check for updates:

  1. From the Spotlight search for “Software Update.”
  2. Open the Software Update app.
  3. Make sure options are selected to automatically check for, download, and install updates.
  4. If updates, are available, select “Show Updates.” Otherwise, select “Check Now.” This will open the App Store.
  5. In the App Store, download and install the desired updates by selecting “Update” next to that item.

We recommend setting your updates to perform automatically (you can do so via the areas mentioned above). That way you just have worry about turning your computer off and on.

3) Squash Viruses but Allow KidCheck

Anti-virus programs help keep your computer free of harmful viruses that can compromise your machine. Anti-virus programs work like Pac-Man eating ghosts. Installing them is a good idea. However, some may block KidCheck. Ensure KidCheck is allowed through your anti-virus settings; this is program specific so ultimately see your anti-virus program’s documentation for specific instructions. Generally, an anti-virus program will have an area that lists programs installed on your computer where you can select which ones to be sure to allow internet access as a trusted program. If you’re looking for a free anti-virus program known to play well with KidCheck, check out AVG Anti-Virus.

Small Acts, Big Rewards
Small acts such as cleaning your printer, performing computer operating system updates, and maintaining your anti-virus program will help keep your children’s check-in running smoothly. A little bit of simple maintenance can help maintain a positive and simple children’s check-in experience.

On the computer you'd like to change, use the following steps:
1) sign in to your KidCheck account
2) click on Settings in the upper right corner
3) click on the Licensing tab in the second row of tabs
4) click on the Edit this computer's license link
5) change the station to Self-service (or Staff-attended)
6) click Save

Staff-attended stations show more user account information (and allow for changes to be made) on the check-in screen.  As a security measure, self-service stations do not.  Also, the ability to view the "detailed lookup" page for a child (by scanning their nametag) may be enabled or disabled based on station type.
Published in Administrative FAQs

Please contact us, we're happy to help add licenses or additional check in systems to your account!  There are no hidden costs or fees, so you're free to add and remove licenses as needed for temporary event needs, or to accommodate permanent growth. You’ll simply pay for what you need, for as long as you need it. To end any temporary changes, just contact us again and we’ll return your account to its previous level.

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tutorial-logoEach check-in station provides remote management capabilities, saving you time by allowing you to control all your check-in stations from a single console. You can start and stop templates and programs, start or shutdown check-in and even power off all stations from one location.
remote mgmt_1
Start or shutdown check-in remotely without having to be at a check-in station
  • Choose the Check-in Tab
  • On the left side under “Page Options” you have the option to choose:
    • "Wake All Stations”
    • " Power Off All Stations” 

remote mgmt_2
Power down all check-in stations from an individual check-in station
  • Choose “close” top right from the check-in station
  • This gives you the option to close check-in, close check-in and return to KidCheck, close all stations, or close and power off all stations

remote mgmt_3
Start templates or programs on all stations
  • Go to the Check-in Tab
  • Choose either the “templates” or “programs” tab depending on which you want to start
  • Check the box at the top right of that tab that notes “Start template (or program) on all stations”
  • Then start check-in on the appropriate template or program you wish to start



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Label printing cannot be turned off based on check-in template, however, it can be done for specific check-in stations or kiosks. There are two ways to turn off the printing for a station:
  1. While check-in is running on athe station, select Close in the top right corner.  A dialog box will pop up: uncheck the box that says "Enable Printing".
  2. While logged in to KidCheck (but not running check-in) select Settings in the top right corner.  Then under the Licensing tab there will be a list of check-in stations and whether the associated printer is enabled or disabled.  Simply click on Enabled and it will toggle to Disabled.
Published in Checking In FAQs

You’ll need to first suspend one of your existing licenses on it’s check-in station to allow it to be transferred to a new check in station.

To suspend a license:

  1. Sign in to KidCheck, and choose Settings on the top right
  2. Select the Licensing tab
  3. Click the Active link next to the old station.  A pop up will note “This will suspend your license. Are you sure you want to continue?”
  4. Click Ok.  This will suspend the old license, therefore opening up a license for you to use on a new station.

To License the New Check-in Station:

  1. Sign into KidCheck on the new check-in station you wish to license and choose Settings on the top right
  2. Select the Licensing tab
  3. Click on Edit This Computer’s License
  4. Enter the computer's name and description
  5. Choose the appropriate settings for the following sections: Check in Station Type, Label Printer Setup and Activate this Check in Station
  6. Click on Save Changes in the top right corner
  7. The new check-in station is now licensed and active, and will show up in the check-in station list
Published in Licenses FAQs
  1. Go to the check-in station you need to license and select Settings from the top right corner.
  2. Choose the Licensing tab.  On this tab you will see a list of the check-in stations associated with your account and their status.
  3. Click on Edit This Computer’s License.
  4. Enter the computer's name and description.
  5. Choose the appropriate settings for the following sections: Check in Station Type, Label Printer Setup,  and Activate this Check in Station.
  6. Click on Save Changes in the top right corner.

That check in station is now licensed and active and will show up in the check-in station list.

Published in Licenses FAQs

We are currently working on a full iPad check-in solution.  In the meantime, KidCheck offers multiple iPad/tablet check-in utilities such as the Check-in Assistant (to help set up new accounts for visitors and guests) and the Admin Console (for administrative needs, such as looking at check-in, child, and guardian info). KidCheck also has a child pick-up alert feature to help with communication between the check-in station and the classrooms.    

Touchscreens work great with KidCheck's secure check-in system.  We have many happy customers that incorporate touchscreens as a part of the kiosk setup.  That being said, KidCheck designed the check-in process to go very quickly, with a minimal number of 'clicks'. This means that the traditional (and less-expensive) keyboard-and-mouse setup also works great.

For your convenience, KidCheck offers computers and other hardware for your check-in stations in the KidCheck Store.

KidCheck offers multiple options for check-in hardware, including complete check-in stations, check-in PCs and mobile carts. While these are not required to run KidCheck, they can help enhance the overall check-in experience. See the KidCheck Store for more information and pricing. 

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