• A child is checked in to the wrong location. How can I fix that?

    You can quickly and easily fix incorrect locations (groups/rooms) without having to check a child out and back in. The new location will also be saved for the next time they check-in.

    1. From the check-in screen, click on the Admin Console link (top right)
    2. Select the child that needs their location corrected and click Options (far right side)
    3. Select the correct location from the “Move Selected Children” drop down menu
    4. A new label can also be printed by clicking on the small printer icon to the right of the child’s name. The new label will have the same security code as the original, and will now state the updated location.

    See also:  Admin Console Features – Tutorial

  • How do I set up someone as a volunteer/employee?

    The volunteer/employee will need to first create their KidCheck login account by going to The KidCheck Administrator will need to designate them as a volunteer/employee; they cannot assign themselves as such. To do so:

    1. Go to the People tab within KidCheck
    2. Select Volunteers (churches) or Employees (daycares, fitness centers, activity centers, retail, etc).
    3. Click in the search box and start typing the employee/volunteer’s name (last name first).
    4. Once you see the person’s name show up, click on the name and then click on the Add button.
    5. Please remember this searches our international database, so please cross reference address and phone numbers before adding anyone as a volunteer or employee.

    Download our Volunteer Training Guide for more information.

  • How do I add/remove an administrator for our KidCheck account?

    The main administrator for an organization can easily add or remove others as administrators.

    To add an administrator:

    1. Ensure the person(s) you plan to add as administrators have created a KidCheck login account.
      • A “login” account means they need to have completed a full account with a username and password, not just set up a basic account created at a check-in station with the “I don’t have a KidCheck account” link.
    2. Log into KidCheck and go to Settings on the top right
    3. Click on the tab User Admin (all the way to the right, second row of tabs)
    4. Choose Add a New Administrator
    5. Input their name in the “primary contact” field
      • Start with just the last name and then slowly input a few letters of the first name to give the system time to find the associated names
      • You will only have access to see the contact information for people that have checked-in to your location, all others’ information will be blocked out
    6. When you find the proper person, click on them
    7. Next, choose the appropriate user role
      • Start/stop can only open and close check-in
      • Customer Administrator can start and stop check-in, change settings, print reports and more
      • Campus Manager is similar to Customer Administrator, for those utilizing the Campus edition
    8. If the person is also planning to be a volunteer you can enable this designation at the same time
    9. Click Save changes

    When that person checks-in to your organization they will have administrative access rights.

    To remove (or change) a user’s administrative access:

    1. Log into KidCheck and go to Settings on the top right
    2. Click on the tab User Admin (all the way on the right, second row of tabs)
    3. You may edit an administrative role with the pencil icon to the right of the individual’s name, or delete them as an administrator with the red “X”. (This will NOT delete their entire KidCheck account)
  • How do I change a station from “Staff Attended” to “Self-Service”?

    On the computer you’d like to change, use the following steps:

    1. sign in to your KidCheck account
    2. click on Settings in the upper right corner
    3. click on the Licensing tab in the second row of tabs
    4. click on the Edit this computer’s license link
    5. change the station to Self-service (or Staff-attended)
    6. click Save

    Staff-attended stations show more user account information (and allow for changes to be made) on the check-in screen. As a security measure, self-service stations do not. Also, the ability to view the “detailed lookup” page for a child (by scanning their nametag) may be enabled or disabled based on station type.

  • How do I enable or disable Kiosk Mode (full screen) during check-in?

    KidCheck’s Kiosk Mode allows check-in to be ran ‘full-screen’, making it impossible for the computer to be used for anything but check-in (where only an administrator is able to close check-in). This is a great security feature, especially if you are running self-service check-in stations, and there is not a staff member handy to monitor the computer’s use.

    However, an organization will occasionally want to disable Kiosk Mode (for instance, to have access to the People tab or check-in stats in the midst of check-in).

    To toggle Kiosk Mode on or off:

    Windows: right click on the KidCheck client in the task bar (near the clock in the lower righthand corner), go to settings, and check or uncheck the Kiosk Mode setting.

    Mac: click on the KidCheck client icon in the menu bar at the top of the screen, select Open KidCheck Preferences, and check or uncheck the Kiosk Mode setting.

    **Note: We only recommend you turn off kiosk mode if the check-in station is staffed.

  • I can’t start check-in. The system says “Waiting for KidCheck client.” What do I do?

    First, make sure the KidCheck client is running. To do so:

    1. On Windows computers, you’ll see the KidCheck “blue checkmark” icon on the bottom right of the screen by the clock
    2. On Mac computers, you’ll see the icon up in the taskbar at the top of the screen

    If you don’t see the icon, start the KidCheck Client application

    1. Windows: Choose Start -> All Programs -> KidCheck Client
    2. Mac: Go to the applications folder and click on KidCheck Client
    3. After the Client has been launched, log off and then back on to your KidCheck account

    If you don’t see the KidCheck Client anywhere on the computer, you will need to install it:

    1. Log on to KidCheck and choose the “Check-In” tab
    2. Choose the link “Install Check-In Station Software” on the left side of the page
    3. Download the “Check in Station Installer”
    4. Run the installer
    5. After installing KidCheck you will be able to begin check-in
  • Can I export data from KidCheck to a separate database management solution?

    Since parents directly input data into KidCheck, we can be a great resource to help keep the information in your management database current. Exporting data from KidCheck is quick and easy.

    Choose the report called Customer Database Export in the Database Export Reports category. This report will pull all data from your KidCheck account within the date range you specify. When the report is generated, export it into .csv format and save it to your desktop or folder of your choice. You can also change the .csv format to an excel file when you save it. Most church management solutions allow you to easily import data from a .csv file. You will need to work directly with them to find out their exact import requirements.

  • Can I see who has set up a KidCheck account prior to roll out for child check in?

    You will want to access the “Guardian Login Account Report” report within the People Reports section of the Reports tab.
    This report shows all the guardians that have created a KidCheck login account and indicated that they are associated with your organization. If they did not associate with your organization, they will not show up on this report (but will still be able to check into your facility).
    This is useful for getting a general idea of the number of guardians registered prior to roll-out, but doesn’t necessarily represent everyone that has completed an account.

  • How do I change to 3 digit, 4 digit, or Alpha-Numeric security codes?

    After signing in to your KidCheck account:

    1. Choose Settings in the upper right corner
    2. Then click on the Settings tab
    3. Choose Printing Options from the 3 options on the left
    4. Go to the bottom of the page to the last option which is called Printed Security Codes
    5. Choose the numeric only security codes option
    6. There is an option here for alpha-numeric or numeric only
    7. Under numeric only, there is an option for either 4 digit or 3 digit
    8. Choose the option you need and click on save changes
  • How do I send a mass email to our volunteers or parents?

    For Standard, Premium, and Campus users, sending group email through KidCheck is fast and easy with the Broadcast Email feature. This is found by clicking on the People tab, and then navigating to the Broadcast Email sub-tab. For detailed instructions on how to use this feature, please consult the Broadcast Email tutorial.

    For users of the Essentials Edition, KidCheck’s email and mailing reports make it possible to send an email to the parents or volunteers in your system. To generate your mailing list:

    1. Sign in to your KidCheck account (you’ll need admin privileges)
    2. Under your Reports tab, open the report titled Guardian Email Report or Volunteer Email Report
      (both are found in the “Mailings and Email Reports” category, and they might be worth adding to your favorites if you plan to use them often)
    3. If desired, click on the Change Parameters icon at the top of the report (the wrench and screwdriver icon). This allows you to specify a certain date range, classroom, etc.
    4. Export the report to CSV format using the icon that contains “a,”
    5. Open the downloaded file in Microsoft Excel or similar program
    6. Highlight and copy the first column of email addresses
    7. Paste the email addresses into the email program of your choice
  • How do I set up a volunteer who doesn’t have children?

    To set up a volunteer without children (or with older children who don’t check-in via KidCheck) have them create a free KidCheck account at, just like a parent, and have them simply skip the “Kids” section. Once their account has been created, an Administrator from the organization needs to add them as a volunteer/employee.

    Once they have been added as a volunteer/employee by an Administrator, they can enter their phone number at a Check-in Kiosk and will see the Volunteer/Employee Section where they can select a location and complete check-in.

  • We are a church in Canada, does the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act affect us?

    I understand the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act states personal information can not be housed on servers outside of Canada. Does this affect us as KidCheck servers are in the United States? No, per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Part V, 65.5.3 “This act does not apply to the ecclesiastical records of a church or religious organization that is affiliated with an educational institution or a hospital.”

KidCheck Functions


  • Can I make temporary changes to my account (more stations, features, etc)?

    Being flexible to meet your changing check-in needs is important to us. It may be you need to change your KidCheck edition permanently due to ongoing growth. Or perhaps you would like to add a temporary additional license for busy times such as Easter or Christmas; or have temporary access to more features such as event registration for VBS.

    We’re happy to make temporary adjustments to your account, whether it is for just one month or a few. We can add additional licenses or do a temporary bump in your edition. There are no hidden costs or fees, you just pay for what you’re using, for as long as you need it – just give us a call. To end the temporary change, you will need to contact us again and we’ll return your account to its previous level.


  • Can I check children into multiple services?

    Multi-service check-in is a feature available in our Standard, Premium and Campus Editions. Guardians can check children into multiple services right at the initial check-in screen, so there is no need to revisit the check-in station or reprint badges. This allows for quicker and more seamless user experience, while still allowing for accutate attendance tracking at each individual service location.

    For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to set up multi-service check-in, visit our tutorial.

  • How can I monitor and manage room capacity automatically?

    At KidCheck, we refer to this as ‘Load Balancing’, and is a feautre available to our Premium and Campus Editions customers. There are two possible load balancing configurations for organizations to choose between:

    Sequential - where one classroom is filled to capacity before children are assigned to the second rooom
    Balanced - where child #1 is assigned to the first classroom, child #2 to the second classroom, child #3 again to the first room, and so on

    To view detailed instructions and screenshots on how to set up load balancing for your organization, please visit the tutorial.

  • How do I alert a parent who doesn’t have a cell phone?

    While text messaging is an incredibly effective way to notify a parent that you need their assistance, some parents do not have cell phones. There are a few different options for immediately getting in touch with a parent who does not have a cell phone (or chooses not to enable text message alerts):

    1. Pagers: It may work well to have enough pagers on hand for distribution to these parents. Pagers are easy to integrate with your KidCheck system (for more info, read our pager tutorial).
    2. Visual Notifications: Some churches use the security code printed on the child tag (& guardian receipt), along with the visual notification system of their projection software to alert parents that assistance is needed. For instance, a message would appear on the front screen that “Parent 0143 is requested in the nursery”, and the parent would be able to match that code to their check-in receipt.
    3. Guardian Locations: KidCheck can be configured to allow guardians to select where they will be located while the child is checked in, and these locations can be as specific (or broad) as you’d like. These locations can then be used to locate the guardian if assistance is needed.
  • How do I use the parent notification and announcement feature?

    Notifications can be set to appear to all of the guardians checking in, or just to certain groups, or even to specific individuals:

    1. Go to the Check-in tab and then choose Guardian Notifications
    2. Click on New Guardian Information from top right and create your notification
    3. You can then determine who will see it, the importance level, and its active date range (or ongoing)
    4. Once created, you can sort, see and manage all of your notifications within the Guardian Notifications tab
  • What is Event Registration and how do I use it?

    KidCheck’s Event Registration is a feature with the Premium and Campus Editions that allows you to gather important information prior to event check-in. It’s simple and easy to use, and is great for events of any size. Use it to manage large events, events with limited capacity, or even small events where you need to manage child-to-worker ratios by knowing ahead of time who is planning to attend.

    To learn how to create, edit, and manage registrations and events, visit our tutorial: KidCheck Event Registration and PayPal Integration


  • How do I license my check-in station?

    Licensing a check-in station for the first time is quick and easy:

    1. Click on Settings in the upper right of your administrative KidCheck account
    2. Navigate to the Licensing tab
    3. Select Edit This Computer's License
    4. On the window that opens, name your check-in station and select your desired settings
    5. Click Save

    For information on licensing a tablet, see our Mobile Check-in Tutorial.

  • How do I transfer a license from one check-in computer to a new one?

    You’ll need to first suspend one of your existing licenses on it’s check-in station to allow it to be transferred to a new check in station.

    To suspend a license:

    1. Sign in to KidCheck, and choose Settings on the top right
    2. Select the Licensing tab
    3. Click the Active link next to the old station.  A pop up will note “This will suspend your license. Are you sure you want to continue?”
    4. Click Ok.  This will suspend the old license, therefore opening up a license for you to use on a new station.

    To License the New Check-in Station:

    1. Sign into KidCheck on the new check-in station you wish to license and choose Settings on the top right
    2. Select the Licensing tab
    3. Click on Edit This Computer’s License
    4. Enter the computer’s name and description
    5. Choose the appropriate settings for the following sections: Check in Station Type, Label Printer Setup and Activate this Check in Station
    6. Click on Save Changes in the top right corner
    7. The new check-in station is now licensed and active, and will show up in the check-in station list

    For information on licensing a tablet, see our Mobile Check-in Tutorial.

  • How do I add an additional Check in System license?

    Please contact us, we’re happy to help add licenses or additional check in systems to your account! There are no hidden costs or fees, so you’re free to add and remove licenses as needed for temporary event needs, or to accommodate permanent growth. You’ll simply pay for what you need, for as long as you need it. To end any temporary changes, just contact us again and we’ll return your account to its previous level.


  • Can I get a list of first time visitors?

    Look for the “Visitor Check-in Report” under the Reports tab. It provides information on both the children and guardians that have checked in for the first time based on the date range you provide.

  • Is there a report showing overall child attendance trends?

    The “Attendance MIA Report” shows an attendance record for each child during the date range you select. It will show whether each child was absent or present during that time. The date range can be modified by selecting the Change Parameters button signified by the screwdriver and wrench.

    The “Attendance Summary” displays more general attendance trends between the specified dates, and is a great way to see an overall picture of your attendance statistics.

    Read more: Children’s Check-in Attendance and Reporting

  • Is there a report showing the children’s birthdays?

    Yes, there are two birthday reports for you to choose from:

    Birthday List – Single Month report
    Filter separately by each month to show the children that have birthdays for a specific month. The report does not gather the full calendar year of birthdays at once; it is designed to show each month individually. You can modify which month you would like to see by selecting the Change Parameters button signified by the wrench and screwdriver.

    Birthday List – Full Year report
    This report will show all birthdays for the children who have checked in within the date range you specify. For example, if you choose the date range Jan1-March 31 you will see the birthdays of those that have checked in during that period of time, not the birthdays that land between Jan 1-March 31.

  • How do I know if a guardian has made a change to their account?

    The “Guardian Account Updates Report” will identify anyone who has made a change or update to their account within the date range that you specify. This report can be found under both the People Reports category and the Database Export Reports category.

  • Do you have a report for _________?

    Most likely, we do! For Standard Edition customers and above, we offer a comprehensive report library for examining almost every aspect of your check-in data. You can generate a wide variety of reports, and can specify a number of parameters to help widen or narrow the scope of any given report.

    The best way to familiarize yourself with what’s available is to spend some time browsing the “Reports” tab within your KidCheck account.

    The reports library is available to individuals with Administrator or Campus Manager privileges with Standard Edition licenses and above.

Locations and Templates

  • How should I set up my templates and locations?

    The level of detail you utilize at set up will have great benefits in the future for reporting, tracking, and ease of parent check-ins.

    Creating the proper location designators within your templates now will help you obtain more accurate information in your reporting including attendance, ratios, trends, and location of each child and volunteer.

    The check-in template defines which locations will be available at check-in.  Churches should have a template for each service or event.  Daycares and activity or fitness centers may have a single check-in template. Templates are created, edited and removed from within the Check-in tab.

    Locations are assigned to the appropriate template and work best when clearly corresponding to each different child care room or group you have. For example, if you have babies in one place and toddlers in another, your locations will be “Infant room” and “Toddler Room.”  Also, if you combine age groups into one room you should make a separate location for each age/grade so you can run reports or communicate to guardians for that group only.  An example of this is “3yr olds, Zoo Room” and “4 yr olds, Zoo Room.”  This will enable you to run reports based on the specific age, and for parents to know which room to select at check-in.


    Recommended Detail Poor Detail
    Infants (0-12 months) Rm 101 Nursery
    Toddlers (13-24 months) Rm 102 School Age
    Zoo Room (2 yr olds) Zoo Room (2-3 yr olds)
    Zoo Room (3 yr olds)
  • How do I add or delete a location (classroom) from KidCheck?
    1. Log into KidCheck and click on Settings in the top right corner.
    2. Choose the Campuses and Locations tab.
    3. Click on the campus you want to adjust. This will list the information associated with that Campus including all of your check-in locations.
    4. To edit or delete a location, click the pencil icon next to it and make appropriate changes or choose Delete Location in top right corner.
      Note: We strongly recommend not changing a location’s name, but instead deleting it and creating a new location with the desired name. This helps assure correct attendance reporting.
    5. To add a location, choose New Check-In Location at the top right corner by the green “+” sign and complete the information.
  • How do I add or remove a location from a check-in template?
    1. Log into KidCheck and choose the Check-in tab
    2. Choose the template you want to edit
    3. Choose the location you want to add or delete and use the arrows (or add or remove links) to either include or exclude the location from a template.  The left column includes all your available locations.  The right side includes all the locations you want associated with the currently selected template.
  • How do I delete a template?
    1. Log into KidCheck and choose the Check-In tab
    2. Click on the title of the template you would like to remove
    3. Click on the Edit link at the top of the template
    4. Choose Delete
  • How do I switch templates? How do I use programs?

    Option 1: Manually switch between templates

    1. On the check-in screen, choose “close” at the top right corner
    2. Locate the template dropdown menu in the lower left
    3. Use the menu to select the desired template, and click save

    Option 2: Set up a Program to have templates switch automatically at specified times

    Note: Programs are available for Standard, Premium, and Campus Editions users.

    To set up Programs:

    1. Go to the Check-in tab.
    2. Choose the Programs tab.
    3. Click on Add New Program under Page Options on the left.
    4. Input the program name, description and choose associated campus (if applicable).
    5. Click Save on the top right corner.
    6. Now choose the appropriate templates you want associated with the program from the left column (Available Check-In Templates) and move them to the right column (Template Sequence to Run).  You can either click the templates and use the add/remove arrows or drag and drop from the left to the right columns.
    7. Input the start time you want for each of the templates for your multiple services.
    8. Click Save in the top right corner.

    To use Programs:

    1. When you are ready to start check-in, go to the Check-In tab.
    2. Select the Program tab
    3. Click Start Program next to the one you want to start.
    4. As guardians check-in they will see all templates you have associated with that program and can choose which template (service) they wish to check their kids in to.
  • Can I turn off name badge printing for certain locations?

    Sometimes administrators would like name badges not to print for children checking into a certain location.  This can be accomplished with the following steps:

    1. Click on Settings in the upper right of your administrative KidCheck account
    2. Navigate to the Campuses and Locations tab
    3. Click on the name of the appropriate campus
    4. Click the name of the location for which you’d like to disable printing
    5. For the “Label Printing Override” option, select Disable name badge printing for this location
    6. Click Save


Checking In

  • Why does KidCheck use a phone number as the check-in identifier?

    The 10 digit phone number is the shortest, yet completely unique personal identifier, and therefore fast and easy to use for check-in. Using something like ‘last name’ would make for a time-consuming and confusing check-in experience by having to sort through multiple records of people with common names.

    In addition to guardians entering a 10 digit phone number, our barcoded keytags are another great option for check-in. They are similar to those used by grocery stores and gyms, and are available to purchase here. Keytags help the check-in process to be as streamlined and efficient as possible.

  • What is a keytag? How do they work?

    Our barcoded keytags are similar to those you receive from grocery stores and gyms, and allow guardians to quickly scan their keytag at check-in rather than typing in their 10 digit phone number. Check-out can also be accomplished by quickly scanning the keytag.

    Keytags can be purchased directly from KidCheck at a competitive price here. We offer KidCheck-branded keytags or custom key tags that can be printed with your logo. Organizations can also utilize already existing membership cards, ID cards or customized keytags for KidCheck check-in as well. Please keep in mind it is necessary to have a barcode scanner if you decide to utilize key tags.

  • How do I register a keytag to a guardian?

    Each guardian in KidCheck can be assigned their own keytag to use for checking in. Assigning a keytag to a guardian is a very simple process:

    1. With check-in running, enter in the guardian’s phone number to bring up their guardian account.
    2. Click in the barcode registration box and scan in the key tag.  Make sure you only hear a single beep after scanning. If you hear 2 beeps from your scanner in a row, it may have inadvertently scanned in the barcode twice. If that happens, simply click in the registration box again and re-scan the key tag.
    3. When the key tag is successfully registered to the guardian’s account you will see the message “Barcode Successfully Registered”.

    The guardian can now scan their keytag at the check-in screen to access their account, rather than typing in their telephone number.

  • What is the difference between Guardian Accounts and Login Accounts?

    Parents/guardians need a KidCheck account to securely check their children into your facility. There are two types of KidCheck accounts:

    A KidCheck login account
    This is a full account completed by a parent or guardian which includes a user name and password. The login account includes all pertinent family information including photos, children information, alergy or medical info, authorized/unauthorized guardians, and their preferences (i.e text messaging capabilities). Once they have created a login account with a user name and password, they have the ability to securely access, manage and change their information at any time, from any computer. KidCheck recommends parents/guardians create a login account prior to checking children in for the first time. This will ensure a quick and easy first time check-in by simply requiring their 10 digit phone number at the check-in station.

    A KidCheck guardian account
    This is a partial account which will allow a parent/guardian to check in their children without a login account but does not allow them access from home to manage their account. When this is created at the check-in station the first time they check in, it will ask basic information about the children (name, birthdate, sex, allergies) but will not allow upload of photos or guardian management. KidCheck will automatically send an email to them requesting that they complete their account from home to provide the benefits of a full login account.

  • Should parents set up one combined account or a separate account for each parent?

    For families whose guardians share the same main address and contact phone information, one login account that includes both parents is the best option. One guardian will be the primary guardian and then add the spouse or significant other, list the children, and then add any other people they want to be able to drop off or pick up their children as authorized guardians. For example they can add Grandma and Grandpa or a trusted neighbor as authorized guardians. If appropriate, they can also include anyone that is not authorized. They should also upload photos to increase the level of security.

    When contact information and guardianship differs within the family unit, setting up separate login accounts for each guardian is the best option. This allows each guardian to list the children, their associated authorized guardians, use their own phone number to check-in and have the ability to manage and update their own personal information.

    For a more in-depth definition of login and guardian accounts, please see the question “What is the difference between Login Accounts and Guardian Accounts” listed above.

  • Does KidCheck provide options for children to check themselves in?

    KidCheck’s self check-in feature allows older children to have more autonomy by providing an alternate check-in process using name badges. These name badges contain the child’s name, picture, any allergy or medical information, and a barcode. No other contact or identifying information is printed in case the card is misplaced. When scanned, KidCheck will pull up only the child’s portion of the account (without showing the rest of the family) and check the child in. Using this process will eliminate the need to print a label and and guardian receipt at check in.

    To learn more about self check-in, and to see detailed, step-by-step instructions, please see the full tutorial.

  • How do visitors and guests check in to my facility?

    If they have a KidCheck account elsewhere:

    They simply need to enter their 10 digit phone number (their account works at every KidCheck facility).

    If they don’t have a KidCheck account:

    Instruct them to select the “I don’t have a KidCheck Account” link on the check-in screen. They will be asked to enter their first and last name, a phone number, e-mail address and their children’s information. Since this only creates a guardian account and not a full login account, it is especially important they put in an e-mail address. KidCheck will automatically send them an e-mail so they can complete their account and add the additional information.

    Additional Notes:

    * If you are concerned with delays at the check-in lines due to visitor account creation, you can set up a separate check-in station specifically for visitors and staffed with a volunteer to answer any questions they may have. This provides a great opportunity for a friendly welcome and to meet with visitors while not holding up regular attendees.

    ** In an effort to keep the visitor check-in process quick and easy, make sure you are only asking for the basic required information. While there is an option to obtain more information at check-in, we recommend you do not choose to ask for it at this time. To make sure you only ask the basic information:

    1. Choose Settings at the top right corner of the page
    2. Select the Settings tab
    3. Select the Check-In Options on the left side of the screen
    4. Select New Guardian Account Options. Ensure you have the Hide the advanced options radio button selected.

    More thoughts on visitor check-in and follow up can be found here: KidCheck Visitor Check-In and KidCheck Visitor Follow Up

  • Can I turn off printing for a specific template or check-in station?

    Label printing cannot be turned off based on check-in template, however, it can be done for specific check-in stations or kiosks. There are two ways to turn off the printing for a station:

    1. While check-in is running on athe station, select Close in the top right corner.  A dialog box will pop up: uncheck the box that says “Enable Printing”.
    2. While logged in to KidCheck (but not running check-in) select Settings in the top right corner.  Then under the Licensing tab there will be a list of check-in stations and whether the associated printer is enabled or disabled.  Simply click on Enabled and it will toggle to Disabled.
  • Can I turn off the printing of guardian receipt tags?

    For situations where guardian check-in receipt tags are unnecessary, it is possible to disable them for specific templates.

    1. Click on the Check-in tab of your administrative KidCheck account
    2. Click the name of the appropriate template
    3. Click the Edit button
    4. Next to “Enable guardian receipt printing” choose Disable Guardian Receipts For This Template
    5. Click Save
  • How do I best handle Promotion Sunday, or moving children to the next grade/room?

    KidCheck is designed so that the location/classroom that a guardian picks for their children is saved for the next time they check-in. It’s also designed to allow you the flexibility of determining when and which children should be moved or promoted.

    When it is time to promote the children in your organization to the next grade, here are some different options and suggestions to utilize. With a little planning, promoting children at the beginning of the new school year or calendar year can be a snap!

    Option 1 (recommended): Have parents update the class/location during check-in

    1. First, we'll temporarily turn off the Location Pre-Select feature. This will prompt each of your parents to choose a new check-in location the next time they check children in. To turn off this feature, choose Settings in the top right > Settings tab > Check-in Options (on the left) > Location Pre-Select > Disable > Save.
    2. Instruct parents to choose the new, correct location the next time they check their children in. Often, it is helpful to set up a guardian notification, a physical sign, or have additional volunteers on hand to help remind parents.
    3. After a couple weeks, turn the Location Pre-Select feature back on. The system will then auto-fill the new location for each child the next time the parent visits the check-in station.

    Option 2: Use the Admin Console to promote currently checked-in children

    While children are currently checked in, you can use the Admin Console to move groups of children to a new location. Simply select the names of the children you'd like to move, click the Options button on the right, and use the Move area to move the children to the new location. The next time parents go to check those children in, the newest location will be auto-filled.

    Option 3: Manually check all the children into their new locations

    1. Use the Broadcast SMS tool (found under the People tab) to alert your parents that you'll be processing sample check-ins for the purpose of classroom promotion, and to disregard any check-in text message alerts they may receive in the near future.
    2. Print a report like the Roster Report with Mailing Labels go get the necessary parent information
    3. Check each child into their new room manually

    Also: How to fix an incorrect location

    If a child continues to be checked-in to the incorrect location you can quickly and easily fix the incorrect location without having to have them check out and back in. Plus, the new location will be saved for the next time they check-in. Simply use the Option 2 directions above to use the Admin Console to move the child to the correct room.

  • Can I change what information is printed on child badges?

    Yes! For Standard, Premium, and Campus users it is easy to specify what information will be printed on child badges. Options include name, primary guardian, guardian’s phone number, pick-up guardian, birthday, and security watermark. Additionally, Premium Edition members may create and upload fully customized label designs.

    More Info:

    Tutorial: Selectable name badge content

    The instructions for creating and uploading fully customized label designs can be found after logging into KidCheck, and clicking on Settings -> Settings tab -> Printing Options -> Custom Labels


Checking Out

  • The guardian doesn’t have their receipt to check-out the child, what do I do?

    Sometimes a guardian will attempt to pick up a child, and not have the guardian receipt label (due to it being lost, or their spouse forgot to give it to them, etc).  It is still possible to ensure they are an authorized guardian, and easily process the secure release of a child.

    1. Leave the child safely in the room while you investigate.
    2. Use the “Detail Lookup” screen to check the list of authorized and unauthorized guardians. Access the “Detail Lookup” screen either by:
        • • Scanning the barcode on the child’s label with the USB barcode scanner at the check in screen
        • • Or click the “Admin Console” link in the top right corner of the check in screen
    3. View the authorized and unauthorized guardian names and photos to determine if you can release the child. If needed, you can ask for a driver’s license as proof of identification as well.
    4. Once verified on the guardian list, select their name from the “Child Check Out” field and choose “Finish”. Check-out is complete.

    For more info, read the Check-Out Procedures Tutorial

  • What is the barcode on the guardian receipt for?

    The barcode on the guardian receipts are used exclusively for doing check-out of your kids electronically. Electronic check-out takes visual check-out to the next level. The barcode on the receipt is a “key” for the child’s nametag barcode “lock.”

    For security purposes, the barcode on the guardian’s receipt is not directly usable at the check-in station, but only useable after a child’s nametag barcode has been scanned. First scan the barcode on the child’s name tag to pull up the “Detail Lookup” screen. This screen houses all the detailed child information including child/guardian contact information and listing of authorized and unauthorized guardians. In the “Detail Lookup” screen, scan the guardian receipt barcode in the field “Scan in the Guardian’s Receipt”. If they match, KidCheck processes the check-out and you’ll see the message “Successful Check-out”

    To view the “Detail Lookup” screen you need to ensure the function is enabled.

    1. Choose Settings from the top right
    2. Choose the Settings tab
    3. Choose Check-in Options from the setting categories on the left
    4. Under the Child Detail Look Up Policy you can enable and disable options

    Read the KidCheck Check-Out Procedures Tutorial for information on various check-out options and suggestions.

Mobile Check-In


  • Do tablets need to be licensed?

    You will need an active license on any device that is running check-in. If a tablet is running check-in, it will need to be licensed, as will a computer that is running check-in. Alternatively, if you have a tablet that is running check-in and is using a computer only for the sake of printing, the tablet will need to be licensed, but the computer will not (since only the tablet is actually running check-in).

  • Does the KidCheck app work on a smartphone?

    The KidCheck mobile app allows parents and guardians to create and manage their account right on their smartphone or tablet without needing to access a browser.  It is an excellent way to help parents stay on top of maintaining their personal KidCheck account.

    However, in order to optimize the check-in experience, the ability to run check-in is reserved for tablets only.

  • Can parents use their own smartphone or tablet to check their children in?

    Parents cannot use their personal smartphone or tablet to check their children in.

    However, with the mobile app, parents and guardians can create and manage their account right on their smartphone or tablet without needing to access a browser.  It is an excellent way to help parents stay on top of maintaining their personal KidCheck account.

    The ability to complete check-in is only available on tablets with an active KidCheck license, and can only be accessed by designated KidCheck administrators.

  • How does mobile printing work?

    Mobile check-in uses Dymo LabelWriter printers for printing check-in badges.  When you start check-in on a tablet, you'll see a list of available Dymo LabelWriter printers, and can choose the one you'd like each tablet to print to.

    In order for a Dymo LabelWriter printer to appear in your list of available printers for check-in, it needs to be connected to a computer (either Mac or Windows based) that is on your network, and has the KidCheck Client running in the background.  You are able to hook multiple Dymo printers to the same computer.

    If you need any additional help in regards to printing, please contact us.

  • Can I replace my check-in station computer with a tablet?

    It is certainly possible to exclusively use tablets for check-in.  To make sure tablets will meet all your check-in needs, we recommend continuing to have your check-in computer(s) available while you make the transition to tablets.

    It is important to remember that you will still need at least one computer present in order to print to your Dymo LabelWriter printer(s). For more information on printing, please see the "How does printing work?" FAQ.

Check-in System Hardware


  • What are the KidCheck system requirements?

    While the base hardware requirements necessary to run a KidCheck check-in station are modest, hardware choices and network speeds certainly impact the check-in experience. For a detailed list of system requirements, please consult the KidCheck System Requirements.

    Computers used for administration, running reports, and accessing information can be any platform and simply need to have a web browser and internet connection.

  • Can I run KidCheck on a wireless network?

    KidCheck strongly recommends you use a hard-wired network connection for the best performance. If you choose to use a wireless connection, due to the wide variance of connection speeds and sources of signal interference, the performance and reliability of KidCheck can be negatively affected. The KidCheck Wireless vs Wired Article provides in-depth information to help you understand more about wireless networks, along with specific caveats and suggestions.

  • Can I use a touchscreen PC for our check-in system?

    Touchscreens work great with KidCheck’s secure check-in system. We have many happy customers that incorporate touchscreens as a part of the kiosk setup. That being said, KidCheck designed the check-in process to go very quickly, with a minimal number of ‘clicks’. This means that the traditional (and less-expensive) keyboard-and-mouse setup also works great.

    For your convenience, KidCheck offers computers and other hardware for your check-in stations in the KidCheck Store.

  • Do I have to have a barcode scanner for check-in and if so, what type do I need?

    Having a barcode scanner is not required to use KidCheck’s secure check-in system. However, the are necessary in order to use keytags to speed up the check-in process, and for scanning name badge barcodes (used for seeing additional information and for electronic check-out)

    To make things as easy as possible we offer competitively priced scanners specifically made for KidCheck. It is pre-programmed and ready to go out of the box and can be purchased at our KidCheck Store. Other scanners can also be used, as long as they are a USB-based laser scanner (not CCD), can be set for a carriage return, and can read code 128 barcodes.


  • I’m having trouble printing to my DYMO Labelwriter printer – what should I do?

    Troubles with your Dymo Labelwriter printer can typically be resolved by following a few simple steps.

    First, make sure your printer is selected and that printing is enabled in the Close Check-in dialogue box:

    1. Start a check -in session
    2. Select the Close in the upper right hand corner
    3. Find the KidCheck Label Printer for this station field and choose the appropriate Dymo printer
    4. Choose Print test label
    5. Choose Save Selection

    If your printer still doesn’t work:

    1. Check to see if there is a label caught in the roller or printhead
    2. Ensure that labels are loaded properly
      (see the FAQ titled “How do I load new labels?”)
    3. Confirm that the label quantity is not set at ’0′ on the check in screen
    4. Unplug the power cord, wait a few seconds and plug it back in. You may also need to close check-in and restart the computer if your printer is still not recognized.
  • How do I clean my label printer?

    We suggest you clean your DYMO Labelwriter printer(s) on a monthly basis. As the labels can’t be in the printer when you clean it, perform the cleaning when you change the roll- it’s a quick and easy process. If the printer jams, clean it immediately! KidCheck has cleaning pads available to order in the KidCheck Store.

    To clean the printer:

    1. Wipe any dust or debris off the outside of the printer. If needed, you can clean dirt or smudges with rubbing alcohol, diluted dish detergent, or diluted glass cleaner.
    2. Open the cover and remove loaded labels by using the eject button on the right.
    3. Carefully clean any paper, dust, or debris from the interior with a toothbrush or cotton swab.
    4. Use a pad from the cleaning pad packet and insert it into the printer as if it were a label. Press the Manual Feed Button on the front of the printer to move the card through if it doesn’t feed automatically. Repeat several times.
    5. Discard the cleaning pad after use.
    6. Reload labels making sure they are face down with the hole on the left.
  • What if the printer seems to be printing blank labels? How do I load new labels?

    You’ll want to do two things:

    1) clean your printer using a DYMO Cleaning Pad (available in the KidCheck Store), and
    2) make sure your labels are loaded correctly.

    Tips for loading labels:

    • Open the printer and make sure the labels are feeding from the bottom of the roll (labels are facing down in the printer)
    • The small holes between the labels in the roll need to be on the left side (the left when you are looking straight on at the printer)
    • Be sure the label spool guide is flush against the label roll, and that the left edge of the label is flush against the left edge of the label feed slot.

    How to Load Labels:

    1. Remove the label spool from inside the top cover and pull the spool guide from the spindle
    2. Hold the spool spindle in your left hand and place the label roll on the spindle so that the labels feed from underneath and the left edge of the label roll is firmly against the side of the spool
    3. Slide the spool guide onto the right side of the spool and press the guide tightly against the side of the label roll, leaving no gap between the roll and the spool. The label roll must fit snugly against both sides of the label spool with no gaps.
    4. Insert the label spool into the slot in the printer cover with the labels extending from underneath the roll
    5. Align the left edge of the label with the left edge of the label feed slot and insert the label into the slot
    6. The printer automatically feeds the label, stopping at the beginning of the first label.
      • If the printer does not feed the labels, make sure the first label is fully inserted and then press the form-feed button.
      • If the first label on the roll is not a full label, press the manual feed button to eject the partial label.
    7. Slide the label guide to the left until the label guide aligns with the right edge of the label. Make sure that the label guide does not pinch the label
    8. Lower the top cover
  • How do I get replacement ink cartridges for the printers?

    DYMO LabelWriter printers are thermal printers, and therefore do not require ink or toner cartridges. That means no need to replace expensive ink cartridges, and no mess!

    The DYMO printers are simple to use and are a better value than traditional ink based printers. However, you will need to clean your DYMO printer periodically to avoid any jamming issues. We have cleaning kits available for purchase in the KidCheck store (under the accessories tab). More information on cleaning the printer and loading labels can be found at our support forum:  Dymo Cleaning and Dymo Label Loading

Labels & Name Badges

  • Where can I purchase labels to use with KidCheck?

    KidCheck offers the DYMO printer labels at a highly competitive price, due to our ability to order them in bulk. There are 300 labels per roll and they can be ordered in quantities of 4, 18 or 36 rolls. More information can be found at the KidCheck Store.

    Also, be sure to consider joining KidCheck’s Label Restock Program (LRP).  KidCheck will automatically monitor your label usage, notify you when your supply runs low, and offer to ship new labels to your front door. The service is free, and  is a great way to make sure you never run out of labels again!

  • What is the Label Restock Program and how does it track and manage my label needs?

    KidCheck’s Label Restock Program (LRP) is a free service we offer to our customers to ensure they never run out of labels again.  It counts the labels as they are printed and notifies us when you are ready for your next shipment.  You have the flexibility and freedom to choose your order quantity and minimum on hand quantities and always have 48 hours to decline your next shipment.

    To input or edit your information in the Label Restock Program

    1. Choose Settings from the top right
    2. Under the Customer Account Information chose the Label Restock Program tab
      • If you have multiple campuses, select the appropriate one
      • Click the box to enable Label Restock
    3. Complete the Restock Settings for Trigger Quantity, Restock Quantity and Current Quantity on Hand fields with your label information
    4. Input or ensure your mailing address is correct
    5. Select your payment method and add a new credit card or edit current credit card information
  • Can I create laminated name badges?

    Within the “Name Badges” category of the Reports tab, there are a few different types and formats of name badges that can be printed and laminated.  Options exist for:

    • Volunteer/Employee name badges
    • Youth name badges
    • Youth self check-in name badges
    • Event registration name badges

    To use, simply generate the report, select which volunteers/employees/children you’d like to make badges for, print using the specified type of Avery label, and laminate at a local printing shop or with your own machine.  Then, sit back and enjoy how many labels you are saving!

    *Note: the comprehensive reports library is available to Standard Edition members (and above).

  • Can I disable medical/allergy info from printing on child name tags?

    While it is possible to turn off the printing of medical/allergy info on child name tags, there are multiple options to consider when handling private or sensitive medical conditions.  For more information, please consult the article “How to Handle Sensitive Medical Alerts“. If you decide to not have medical/allergy information print on child name tags:

    1. Sign in to your administrative KidCheck account
    2. Click on Settings in the upper right corner
    3. Open the Settings tab
    4. Choose Printing Options on the left
    5. Locate the Medical/Allergy Information section, and make the appropriate changes
    6. Click Save

    Note: Medical/allergy information is still available by either scanning the barcode on the child’s name tag (if the ‘Detailed Lookup’ option is enabled), or through the Admin Console.

  • How do I reprint a child’s name badge?

    To reprint a child's name badge:

    1. Log into the Admin Console (with the link on the upper right of the check-in screen)
    2. Locate the child in question, and click the printer icon to the right of their name

    For security reasons, guardian check-in receipts cannot be reprinted.

  • Can I turn off the name badge watermark icon?

    The watermark icon that prints on a child's name badge and guardian receipt are designed to add visual interest and to help kids get excited about wearing their badge. This can be disabled if you are on Standard Edition or above. If you'd prefer to have the watermark icon not print on name badges:

    1. Log into your KidCheck account (with administrator access)
    2. Click on Settings link in the upper right
    3. Click on the Settings tab
    4. On the left, click on Printing Options
    5. In the Label Printing Settings area, uncheck the Print Watermark Icon option
    6. Click Save

Guardian Accounts


  • A guardian input their photo into their account but it’s not showing up, why?

    There is an approval process for photos entered into KidCheck, so they do not show up immediately after being uploaded. The photos are reviewed and approved by KidCheck staff several times a day.

    The photos are reviewed to ensure they are of an actual person, and that they are not inappropriate in nature. The purpose of having a photo in KidCheck is for increased security (i.e. does the photo of the guardian match the person actually picking up the child?), so photos of animals, cartoons, or the back of someone’s head are not approved.

  • How do I update a guardian’s account on their behalf?

    If a guardian has given you permission, you do have the ability to make changes and updates to their and their children’s information. When the guardian sets up their login account they choose whether or not to allow organizations to make adjustments on their behalf. They have the ability to override any changes you do make. If you are planning on making changes we suggest you communicate with the parents first that you are planning on making an update so they are aware and have an opportunity to discuss if needed. To make a change to a guardian account.

    1. Go to the People Tab
    2. Search for the person’s name and choose the appropriate account
    3. Click Edit in the top right of the area you wish to update
    4. Make the update and Save changes
  • How can I see who has registered for KidCheck prior to rollout?

    KidCheck operates from a unique centralized database that allows any parent with a KidCheck account the ability to check-in children at a facility that uses KidCheck without having to re-create an account at that facility. But, a parent’s information is not available to a child care provider until that parent has checked in at least once.

    Prior to roll out, a child care facility may want to get some feedback as to how many parents have created KidCheck accounts. When the parent goes to to create an account, they are given the option to designate what child care provider referred them to create an account. If they designate your facility, their information will show up on the Guardian Login Account Registration report available in the reports tab, under the People section.

    Please note: Not all parents will show up on the report, just those that designate you as the referring child care provider. If a parent has created an account but isn’t listed, they will still be able to check-in without any problem.

  • How do I delete a family from KidCheck?

    It is not necessary (or possible) for an administrator to delete a family from KidCheck.  Since KidCheck is a legal record of who was in your care on a certain date, you don’t want to remove anyone from the system, and we have purposely designed it as such.

    However, since KidCheck reports are generated based on date ranges, you will notice families that no longer attend your organization will gradually fall off of the reports you see.  This way your data remains clean, but still historically accurate.

    Finally, while administrators cannot delete families from KidCheck, it is possible for individuals to delete their KidCheck accounts if they wish (this does not effect an organization’s past check-in records).  To do so, they need to sign in to KidCheck, select My Preferences in the upper right, and chose to cancel their account.

Getting Started with KidCheck


  • How do I sign up for KidCheck?

    The sign up process is simple, easy and takes just a few minutes.
    When you are ready to sign up for KidCheck simply follow these steps:

    1. Click here to Sign up for KidCheck as an organization
    2. Add additional items to your shopping cart like check-in stations, printers, scanners and key tags
    3. Checkout and pay securely online

    Once you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that contains a quick start guide, administrators manual and instructions on how to get ready to roll out KidCheck.  After we have received your signup, we will contact you to schedule a personal training session to help you get set up and ready to go.

Communicating with KidCheck


  • When is KidCheck support available?

    KidCheck service and support is available 6 days a week. Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and Sundays from 6:00am to 12:00pm (noon) Mountain Standard Time. You can call us at 855-543-2432, email or use the live chat feature on our web site. Please don’t hesitate to Contact KidCheck, we’re here to help!

  • How can I stay up-to-date with KidCheck news?

    There are a few ways to keep up-to-date with KidCheck.

    • We send our customers newsletters (approximately every two months) highlighting different best practices and providing tips and tricks.
    • Additionally we’ll email new “news” about upgrades, key new features or special updates.
    • Visit our KidCheck Blog for the latest information, tips and tricks, and lots of great content. You can sign up there to receive KidCheck eNewsletters as well.
    • The latest news about new features, changes and new support materials are shown at the top of your KidCheck dashboard
    • We put key announcements we want you to be aware of or take action on in the notification section of your KidCheck accounts home page
    • Keep in touch with KidCheck and join the conversation – follow us on twitter @KidCheckFacebook and Google+

Payments and Shipping


  • Can I update my credit card information on your site?

    If your organization pays for KidCheck on a monthly basis, administrators can update the credit card information by:

    1. Sign into KidCheck
    2. Click on Settings in the upper right
    3. Click on the Subscription tab
    4. Input the new credit card information
    5. Click Save

    To provide payment information for a year upfront payment, you will need to contact us directly at 855-KIDCHECK (855-543-2432).

  • What is the Express Saver shipping option?

    Express Saver is a shipping option that puts the delivery of your shipment sometime between the two-day and ground options.  Exact timing will depend on your location and shipping time from our location in Idaho.