Everything you need for secure children’s check-in – including the check-in software and a complete check-in station.


All for as low as $63/month*!

*Includes Essentials Edition, KidCheck Check-In Computer, Mobile Cart,
and Starter Kit with DYMO Label Printer, KidCheck Scanner, and 4 Rolls Labels

KidCheck FLEX – The flexibility to choose the check-in package that works best for you!

  • Choose the KidCheck edition you want
  • Choose the check-in equipment you need
  • Choose the duration that best fits your budget^
  • Choose how often you want to refresh check-in equipment
  • Includes 10% discount on KidCheck check-in software

Plus, at the end of your leasing period, the equipment is yours. For an equipment refresh, simply renew KidCheck FLEX and receive new check-in hardware equipment.**

Learn More

Please contact KidCheck Sales to learn more about KidCheck FLEX, discuss your options, and receive a monthly payment estimate.

*$63 monthly payment based on 48 month lease with AA credit score. Includes one Essentials edition license and one KidCheck complete check-in station (check-in computer, monitor, keyboard, mouse, mobile cart, DYMO label printer, scanner, and four rolls of labels). Monthly price will vary depending on KidCheck edition, number of licenses, and equipment chosen by customer, as well as credit score.
^ Lease duration options include 24 months, 36 months, 48 months and 60 months.
** Equipment is lease to own. At the end of the lease term, all equipment is owned by customer. Equipment refresh available with renewal of KidCheck Flex. Equipment is determined by items chosen by customer at renewal.
– Once you are approved and receive equipment, all payment and leasing details are handled by Time Payment, KidCheck’s leasing partner, and inquires should be directed to them at 877-868-3800