(Updated March 18, 2021)

We’ve had reports the Windows’ March 2021 update causes Dymo Label v.8 to print blank labels in some instances.

If all your labels / name badges print blank and you recently updated Windows, update to the Dymo Label v.8’s most recent version (8.7.4). (This issue should only be present on Windows 10 computers with a Dymo printer directly connected to it for printing – it won’t affect printing via macOS or KidCheck ExpressHubs/PrintHubs.)

To update Dymo Label v.8:

From the Direct Link

  1. If Dymo Label v.8 is running, choose FileExit to close it
  2. In the system tray, close any Dymo applications
  3. Select this link from Dymo to the new software version (v8.7.4)
  4. Run the exe file that downloads to install the software
Close Dymo applications

Close any Dymo applications then run Dymo’s installer.

From the Dymo Label v.8 software

  1. Open Dymo Label v.8 on your Windows computer
  2. In the upper right, select the light blue ‘new version available…’ box (or the globe with the green-arrow)
  3. Exit all Dymo applications (including any running in the system tray)
  4. Run the installer from Step 2
Updating Dymo software

Update to Dymo Label v.8.7.4 to get stop labels from printing blank.

For more information from Dymo and Microsoft: