Network management of check-in stations saves you time by allowing you to control all your check-in stations from a single place. You can start and stop templates and programs, start or shutdown check-in and even power off all stations, all from a single computer.

Note: The Network Management feature is available on the Premier edition of KidCheck.

For Network Management to Work

In order for Network Management to work, all stations must be on the same network with the same subnet mask.

In order to wake / power on a check-in station it must have the Wake On LAN (or equivalent) setting enabled in its BIOS and be connected to a network via an Ethernet cable.

To Power On/Off Your Check-in Stations

  1. Log in to your admin KidCheck account
  2. Click on the Check-in tab
  3. On the left sidebar, choose Wake All Stations or Power Off All Stations



Power on/off your check-in stations via your network.

To Power Off Your Check-in Stations While Closing Check-in

While closing check-in, you also have the option to close check-in on all stations, or to close and power down all stations.


Closing check-in on all stations at once.

Start a template or program on all stations


  1. Sign in to your KidCheck admin account
  2. Click on the Check-in tab
  3. Under the Templates or Programs tab, click the box in the left sidebar to Run On All Stations
  4. Click Start next the the template/program you’d like to run



Start a check-in template or program on all your stations at once.