The KidCheck Check-in Computer features a space-saving, yet fully featured mini PC, which can be mounted directly behind the monitor creating a virtual all-in-one. (software subscription not included).

Also included are an 20″ LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse. KidCheck’s Check-in Computer provides a fully functional, ready-to-go computing system. Upgrade option to 21.5″ touchscreen is also available.

The computer is pre-loaded with the necessary KidCheck check-in software and drivers, so check-in is ready to run right out of the box.

For about the same price as a notebook PC, the KidCheck Check-in Computer not only delivers a complete computing system, but you also benefit from a larger screen, full keyboard and separate mouse. The larger viewing area with the monitor and individual keyboard and mouse improve check-in ease-of-use and speed compared to a notebook; plus component replacement is less costly should anything break or there’s an accidental coffee spill.

The KidCheck Check-in Computer comes with a one year limited warranty.

Price: $499

or as low as $15/mo