Always have the labels you need on hand with KidCheck’s Label Restock Program!

Save money on labels, and enjoy the ultimate in convenience, knowing you’ll always have the labels you need, without having to worry about counting inventory or reordering. KidCheck’s Label Restock Program (LRP) automatically tracks your usage and initiates a label order for you based on thresholds that you setup. There’s no cost to participate in the program, and the cost for labels is lower. It’s easy, accurate and saves you time, money and effort.

KidCheck Label Restock Program

Participation is quick and easy. In your KidCheck account simply input some basic information about the quantity of labels you want to trigger an order, how many you labels you want shipped, where they should be sent to, the associated credit card and who should receive notification of the label order.  For more information take a look at the tutorial about how to set up KidCheck’s Label Restock Program.

“We made the mistake of ordering labels from another vendor and they don’t stick.  Learned my lesson!
Would like to get on Label Restock Program!”
– Debbie McCall FBC Live Oak