No need to use a check-in station or stand in line.  Parents check kids in using their own mobile device!

  • After downloading the KidCheck App, parents start check-in on their mobile device from home, the car, the parking lot – wherever there’s an internet or cellular data connection.
  • Check-in is completed upon arrival. Parents simply tap ‘submit’ on their mobile device. The licensed KidCheck ExpressHub recognizes the check-in and prints the child name badges and guardian receipts to the associated label printer.
  • That’s it! No need to stand in line, use a check-in station, or scan a code. Fast, convenient, touchless and secure. 


The KidCheck ExpressHub and Express Check-In

The Express Check-In feature is available in all KidCheck editions and gives parents the ability to start check-in remotely from their personal mobile device. A licensed KidCheck ExpressHub is the equipment needed to complete the check-in when the family arrives at your facility and enable automated label printing to the associated label printer.

The ability for parents to start check-in on their mobile device with Express Check-In is still available without a licensed KidCheck ExpressHub, however then labels will not be prompted to print upon arrival. In this case, families will still need to use a physical check-in station to complete the check-in and print labels.

How it Works

KidCheck took care of all that complicated stuff behind the scenes, making it easy, fast, and seamless for both organizations and the families checking in:

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Express Check-In Frequently Asked Questions
Touchless Check-In  and Out Options Tutorial

What Our Customers Think

  • Customer Experience Stories – Read more about how Express Check-In has benefited others.
  • "Express Check-In set up was easy. I love that we do not have long lines any longer for parents to take the kids to their classrooms."
    Herb Williams - New Hope Community Church
  • “Express Check-In has been a game changer for our busy parents needing to drop off their kiddos quickly.”
    Stephanie Lombardi – City of Lincoln Recreation
  • “KidCheck is quick for parents to create an account and Express Check-In is a game changer on decreasing check-in time!”
    Michelle Fenton - Mt. Vernon Church
  • “Parents love Express Check-In. They don’t have to wait in line, their children are checked in in the car, and they’re good to go.”
    Timothy Mateer – Calvary Wallace
  • “Parents using Express Check-In love that they can walk in, look at the line, and just go right by to pick up their receipts.”
    Steve West – Calvary Chapel Golden Springs
  • "KidCheck has helped us provide a better, easier, quicker way to check-in kids. Express Check-In has cut our check-in time in half and our parents love it."
    Sherdonna Bragg - New Heights Church
  • "KidCheck has VASTLY improved our experience. Parents are happy! With Express there are virtually no lines! Best check-in system we have ever used!"
    Barbra Smith - First Baptist Woodway
  • "One of my favorite features is check-in through the mobile app. Week after week it works seamlessly and connects right through to the printers attached to the check-in stations. This is a huge time-saver and really helps keep the queue at a manageable length."
    Adam J - Church
  • "KidCheck makes Sunday morning check-in efficient and accurate and Express keeps lines short providing a fast track to the front where nametags are waiting."
    Maris Buller - Riverview Community Church
  • "We were looking for something to help us move into the 21st century. Parents love the app, being able to mobile check-in when pulling in, and receiving text messages when campers are on and off site. We've used KidCheck for over 7 years and love it."
    Joanna Teresa Brooks - Oak Grove Baptist