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Parents check-in using their mobile device!

Super convenient, fast and easy.

  • Parents start check-in on their phone from home, the car, the parking lot – wherever there’s an internet or cellular data connection.
  • Once they arrive, they simply tap ‘submit’ on their device to complete check-in. The KidCheck PrintHub Express recognizes the check-in and prints the associated child name badges and guardian receipts.
  • That’s it. Parents no longer need to wait until they arrive at your location, stand in line, or use a check-in station.

Express Check-In and the KidCheck PrintHub Express

The Express Check-In feature is available in all KidCheck editions and gives parents the ability to start check-in remotely from their personal mobile device. To take full advantage of Express Check-In’s potential and benefits, license a KidCheck PrintHub Express. This enables automated label printing when the family arrives at the facility. A licensed PrintHub Express is considered an additional (lower priced) license associated with the KidCheck edition you choose.

The ability for parents to start check-in on their mobile device with Express Check-In is still available without a licensed KidCheck PrintHub Express, however then labels will not be prompted to print upon arrival. In this case, families will still need to use a physical check-in station to complete the check-in and print labels.

Special Offer

It’s easier than ever to get started with Express Check-In. Purchase your PrintHub Express by March 31 and receive the PrintHub Express license free for the first year*!

How it Works

KidCheck took care of all that complicated stuff behind the scenes, making it easy, fast, and seamless for both organizations and the families checking in:


For Organizations:

  • For the best experience, plus label printing, license a KidCheck PrintHub Express and connect to a DYMO printer(s) to enable printing without a check-in station.
  • Parents check-in and initiate printing from their mobile device using the KidCheck app.
    • Parents need to complete their first check-in at a physical check-in station to enable future Express Check-Ins. This simplifies check-in and adds security so only families associated with your organization can use Express Check-In.
  • Once the family’s check-in is completed, administrative information, reports, etc. capture and show the check-in as usual.

For Parents: 

  • Parents download the KidCheck mobile app from the App Store or Google Play Store (free) to use Express Check-In on their mobile device.
  • Check-in can be started from home, the car, the parking lot, anywhere with an internet or cellular data connection.
  • They choose the children to check in and the appropriate check-in location/class.
  • Upon arrival at the location, rather than standing in line to check in at a check-in station, they complete check-in by tapping ‘submit’ on their mobile device.
  • This recognizes the check-in and labels are printed and waiting via a licensed KidCheck PrintHub Express connected to a DYMO printer(s).

Voila – Check-in is complete!

Express Check-In Frequently Asked Questions

*Free license can only be applied to PrintHub Express, no other check-in station device. Free year is 12 months starting at date of PrintHub Express purchase. Free license offer valid only with PrintHub Express purchased February 22, 2017 through March 31, 2017. Call to activate license.