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  1. Easy to use and reliable — love it.

    Jayson Samuels
    NorthBridge Church - Pittsburgh, PA
  2. KidCheck has been a great addition to our children’s ministry. The program is easy to use and gives our parents and visitors the ability to worship without having to worry about their children’s security.

    Chad Dillon
    University Christian Church - Muncie, IN
  3. So easy to use in general practice. Volunteers know the procedure and can easily identify children by the name tag on their shirt. Administrators can easily track and compile data on attendees. Parents can feel at peace knowing their children are secure. A great package!

    Chantele Fanning
    Praise Assembly of God - Pueblo, CO
  4. I think its a good program.

    Mary Maulding
    Bethany Community Church - Seattle, WA
  5. I really like it. It’s been great to be able to track numbers and be able to get an idea of what things are going to be like a few years down the road in all of our classes. As it is, this has helped us get a glimpse of the volunteer needs that we’ll have. I have received nothing but positive feedback from parents. They are thankful that we are willing to provide them with a secure environment and we are grateful to be willing to offer it to them. Kidcheck has really helped us organize our volunteers and put them in places where they are able to best serve.

    Silas Steele
    New London Christian Church - New London, IA
  6. We love KidCheck, the process is easy and the parents can get in and out with no problem. We also love having a database where we can easily locate member phone numbers and addresses if we need to contact someone. Thank you for all you do!!!

    Kelley Steen
    CrossRoads -
  7. We love (and parents love) the option to swipe a key tag to check in their child. Parents are also impressed with the security features of KidCheck.

    Loh-Sze Leung
    Greater Boston Vineyard - Cambridge, MA
  8. We love it, it has been a great comforting asset to our kids min. Parents love the security of it and the fun of using a computer and a scanner. I love being able to get the reports. It’s a wonderful and affordable way to provide peace of mind to parents and to allow them a way to come to get kids who need them without posting it on the church screens in service. Thanks for such a great idea!

    dena Beymer
    Oregon City Christian Church -

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