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Go Unlimited + $15/mo

On the Starter edition, one check-in device is $25 per month. For unlimited check-in devices add $15 per month. A check-in device is any device (i.e computer, tablet, smartphone, ExpressHub) licensed and using KidCheck software to process check-ins.


Everything you need for secure check-in in our most affordable package

    • Extensive Security Features
    • Accurate Attendance Tracking
    • Mobile Express Check-In
    • Emergency Text Messaging / Parent Notification
    • Check-In Surveys
    • Free Set-Up, Training and Support 6 Days a Week
  • and more...

Go Unlimited + $30/mo

On the Plus edition, one check-in device is $45 per month. For unlimited check-in devices add $30 per month. A check-in device is any device (i.e computer, tablet, smartphone, ExpressHub) licensed and using KidCheck software to process check-ins.


Delivers a more comprehensive suite of check-in features

  • All Starter Features and...
    • YouthCheck
    • Volunteer Scheduling
    • Roster Check-In
    • Volunteer / Worker Check-In
    • Additional Communication Tools
    • Extended Reporting Capabilities
  • and more...

Go Unlimited + $60/mo

On the Premier edition, one check-in device is $60 per month. For unlimited check-in devices add $60 per month. A check-in device is any device (i.e computer, tablet, smartphone, ExpressHub) licensed and using KidCheck software to process check-ins.


Includes all available features at an exceptional value

  • All Starter & Plus Features and...
    • Custom Branding for Your Logo
    • Customizable Themes
    • Event Registration
    • Automatic Classroom Load Balancing
  • and more...
Starter Plus Premier
Monthly Price
Go Unlimited

Want more than one check-in device? Add unlimited to use KidCheck on as many check-in devices as you'd like. A check-in device is any device (i.e computer, tablet, smartphone, ExpressHub) licensed and using KidCheck software to process check-ins.

$25 one check-in device
+ $15 unlimited devices

On the Starter edition, one check-in device is $25 per month. For unlimited check-in devices add $15 per month. A check-in device is any device (i.e computer, tablet, smartphone, ExpressHub) licensed and using KidCheck software to process check-ins.

$45 one check-in device
+ $30 unlimited devices

On the Plus edition, one check-in device is $45 per month. For unlimited check-in devices add $30 per month. A check-in device is any device (i.e computer, tablet, smartphone, ExpressHub) licensed and using KidCheck software to process check-ins.

$60 one check-in device
+ $60 unlimited devices

On the Premier edition, one check-in device is $60 per month. For unlimited check-in devices add $60 per month. A check-in device is any device (i.e computer, tablet, smartphone, ExpressHub) licensed and using KidCheck software to process check-ins.

Mobile Express Check-In

Touchless check-in as parents check-in using their own smartphone! Parents start check-in remotely from home, their car, the parking lot, wherever there's an internet or cellular connection. Then upon arrival they complete check-in on their phone and child name badges and guardian receipts automatically print via a licensed (additional license) ExpressHub without the need to input anything or scan a code. No waiting in line - No using a check-in station! Great for organizations; great for parents. Convenient, Fast, Easy. Improves social distancing and germ management!

More Information:

Express Check-In

Mobile Check-In Station

Mobile check-in options include touchless Express Check-In and Mobile Check-In Station providing added flexibility and convenience to your children's check-in process. With Express Check-In, parents check-in using their own mobile device. With Mobile Check-In Station, organizations use a tablet/mobile device to check families in at the facility.
More information:
Mobile Check-In

Church Management Software Integration

KidCheck integrates with several church management software (ChMS) providers. Maintain a single church-wide database, plus experience the benefits of best-in-class check-in with KidCheck's easy-to-use, innovative, secure children’s check-in.

More information
Church Management Software Integration 

Security Labels

Multiple security and printing badge features are incorporated, such as matching security codes, and prominent allergy/medical warnings on the children's badges. Electronic guardian receipts are available in the KidCheck App. In addition to using their 10-digit phone number, guardians can choose to create and use an optional unique Check-In PIN as well.  KidCheck also has a volunteer/employee check-in solution with the ability to print name badges for easy identification of authorized staff.

More information
Security Badges
Check-out processes

Free Set-Up, Training and Support

Free phone, email, and chat support and personal training is always available from KidCheck, from day one when we personally train each new customer, to any time you need. We want you to get the most value out of KidCheck. Support documentation is also available. We're here 6 days a week, including Sunday morning, ready to help with whatever you may need.

Parent Maintained Accounts

KidCheck has a unique parent maintained account design that helps drastically reduce your workload setting up and maintaining a database.  Parents create and maintain their own accounts, which means you don't have to do upfront input or track down updates or changes because parents keep the child, guardian and contact information up-to-date.

More information
Parent Maintained Accounts

Unlimited People / Attendees in Database

Pricing does not change based on the size of your organization or the number of attendees. There are no size limits on your database, the number of attendees or parent accounts associated with your organization. KidCheck pricing is tied to the edition and feature set you choose, not your organization size.

More information
Parent Maintained Accounts

Photo Uploads

Identification photos are extremely important to ensure the best security measures. Parents can upload the photos they prefer of themselves, their children, authorized and unauthorized guardians right from the comfort of home with parent maintained accounts.  However, if families don't have internet access, or you prefer a particular type of photo, KidCheck administrators have the ability to upload photos for them as well.

More information
Parent Maintained Accounts

Essential Report Library

Easily access data and generate reports based on a date range you choose and then export this data into a variety of formats. The report library includes custom reports, various attendance reports, multiple volunteer reports, birthday reports as well as email communication and mail merge capabilities.

More information on attendance tracking and reporting.

At-A-Glance Dashboard

The first screen you see when you log in to KidCheck is your dashboard, providing an at-a-glance view of your key statistics. This includes the number of children and volunteers checked-in, total children and guardians associated with your account, list of children checked in at that time, total number of check-ins and check-in history.

Admin Console

Access the Admin Console from any computer or mobile device to handle key administrative functions. View room capacities, check security codes, send text messages, fix an incorrect check-in location and more. Plus the Admin Console App makes it even easier to use in classrooms, and includes check-out.

More information

Selectable Label Content

Choose which information you want to have printed on the child check-in label. Options include name, primary guardian, guardian's phone number, pick-up guardian, birthday and security watermark.

Multilingual Support at Check-In

Choose from over 100 different language options to best meet your needs. You can have different languages at each individual check-in station; administrators can view KidCheck in their chosen language; and parents will automatically see KidCheck in the language they've designated in their browser.  Languages include:  Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and many more.

Check-In Surveys

Easily create surveys/questionnaires to quickly get the data you need right at check-in; whether it's must-have health and safety information, or nice to know additional details. Evaluate and track illness symptoms, find out who completed a suggested activity, needs a shirt, brought a friend, get input on an upcoming event, whatever you need to know. If needed, halt a check-in based on answers provided.

More information
Check-In Surveys

Check-In Announcement and Notification

Place messages right on the check-in screen for an individual guardian or for all parents to see. Upcoming event or room change? Reminder to bring more diapers or a permission slip? Check-in Announcement and Notification provides a great communication tool prominently displaying your message at the top of the screen when they check in.

More information
Parent Announcement and Notification

Parent Check-In Notes

Right at the check-in station parents can designate any special instructions they want known for that day to print on a child's name badge. This is in addition to the existing medical and allergy field.

Save Money on Labels

Always have the labels you need, plus save money on labels. Free program where KidCheck tracks how many labels you use and automatically ships you more when you get low, based on volumes you determine. Handle all your settings right through the system such as managing credit cards, trigger volumes and preferences by campus.

More information
Label Restock Program

Background Theme Options

Choose from one of several pre-selected themes to customize the check-in station, including nature, seasonal, holiday, and more.

Child Pick Up Alert

Rather than phone the classroom from the main check-in/out area or physically sending someone with a message to the classroom, right within the check-in system let the classroom know when a guardian is ready to pick up a child. Simply choose the appropriate children from the admin console which sends a visual and audio alert to the classroom letting them know a child is ready for pick-up.

More information
Child Pick Up Alert

Individual Text Messaging

Text messaging makes parent communication fast and easy. Quickly let a parent know about a need or an emergency. Provide additional parent peace-of-mind with automatic child checked in/out text messages to parents when another authorized guardian drops off or picks up their child.

More information
Text Messaging Benefits

NEW! Youth Check-In

The only check-in system designed for youth! All the security and extensive features of children's check-in but designed specifically to meet the needs of youth. A more mature check-in that creates accountability and connection. Fast, easy check-in youth will use, and leaders and parents will love. Know who is checked in, when, and where. Be aware of important medical information such as prescriptions and medication schedules. Use at-a-glance admin notes to share about behavior and special needs. Automated checked in and out text options for parent peace-of-mind. More information YouthCheck

NEW! Volunteer Scheduling

Intuitive, easy, efficient volunteer scheduling! Available in both a mobile app and desktop version. Quickly schedule volunteers for any type of event  (Sunday service, camp, get togethers, etc) and across all roles (kids classrooms, security team, music, greeters, more).  Simply create the event, designate roles and needed number of volunteers, then schedule or invite the volunteers. More information Volunteer Scheduling

Roster Check-In

Quickly and easily check kids in with the touch of a button, using roster lists you create. Perfect for youth groups, schools, camps, classrooms, group activities, bus pick up, more. Instead of paper or clipboard lists, use real-time digital rosters for fast check in/out and at-a-glance check-in status of the kids. Great for both in person and online attendance.

Roster Check-In

Broadcast Text Messaging

With broadcast text messaging, you can send one text message to a group of parents, volunteer/staff or both so you can easily handle last minute updates, change notifications, or in case of emergency. You can also filter recipients based on campus, check-in date range, templates and locations.

More information
Text Messaging Benefits

Broadcast Email

Easily and quickly send a broadcast email to a group of people right from your KidCheck account. Choose the recipients based on a variety of criteria. You can even attach documents. No need to use a separate email service or manually create emails and lists. Easy, fast, convenient!

More information
Broadcast Email

Volunteer/Worker Check-In

KidCheck's complete worker check-in allows you to specify individuals you want to authorize as workers for your facility and let them check-in as such. The check-in process is very similar to a guardian checking in their child. In fact they can check in their own children and themselves at once from the same screen.

More information
Volunteer Check-In Process
Youth Volunteer Check-In

Youth Volunteer Check-In

KidCheck includes youth volunteer check-in capabilities. Just as with adult volunteers, you can designate and authorize the appropriate youth in your facility to be volunteers and allow them to check-in as such. Right at the check-in screen, parents/guardians can easily check them in and specify them as a volunteer.

More information
Youth Volunteer Check-In

Partnered Background Checks

Background checks are completed by our partner and integrated with individual KidCheck accounts for a thorough and easy process that helps save you time and stay organized. Use existing personal information available from their KidCheck check-in account, plus some additional data, to request a background check with just the click of a button. Results and documentation are automatically saved in your secure KidCheck account and tied to each individual. (Background checks are at an additional cost through our partner ).

More information
Integrated Background Checks

Multi-Service Features

Easily handle children's check-in and attendance tracking across multiple services, set automatic open and close times for your check-in stations, and designate exactly which service template you want available for check-in at exactly which time.

More information
Multi-Service Check-In

Youth Self Check-In / Check-Out

Quickly and easily track attendance, while giving older, self-sufficient children the ability to check themselves in. Use Roster Check-In, the Youth Check-In Report, or laminated name badges to be used for both check-in and check-out, simply by scanning the barcode.  For additional peace-of-mind, guardians can receive an automatic text message letting them know when their child has checked in and out.

More information
Youth Self Check-In / Check-Out

Comprehensive Report Library

The comprehensive report library easily provides key data so you can better understand ratios and trends and make informed decisions. The reports include custom reports, plus cover a variety of topics including: overall statistics, graphical charts, various attendance reports, check-in logs, roster reports, multiple guardian reports, bulk mail capabilities, billing reports, medical and allergy reports, event registration reports, birthday reports, multiple volunteer reports and more. Generate reports based on any date range you choose and easily export to a variety of formats.

More information
Attendance Tracking and Reporting

Account Disabling

You have the ability to not allow a certain guardian to check-in should the need arise. Perhaps there are extenuating circumstances or they still owe a fee or there have been issues you simply must address prior to allowing their child to be checked-in. Helpful for when those hopefully rare occasions arise when check-in access needs to be temporarily denied.

Parent Location Tracking

Set up location lists so guardians can denote their location, in addition to the location they are checking their children into. Quickly and easily know where a guardian is should you need them or in case of emergency.

Pager Support

KidCheck is designed to work with existing pager systems to easily associate pager numbers with the checked-in child and guardian. Using the pager information you input, KidCheck will automatically assign a pager number to the child checked in and print it on the check-in label.

As an alternative to often expensive pager systems, KidCheck also utilizes Text Messaging as a means to contact guardians when they are needed.

Bulk Check-Out

Manually complete a group check-out for any children still checked in, rather than using the system's existing automatic midnight check-out process. Provides more control over the check-out process. This can be used to check-out volunteers as well.

Information on Check Out Procedures

Registration Assistant

Use the Registration Assistant to help move parents and guests quickly through the check-in process with a personal touch. Use a tablet or computer to create a complete guardian account for a visitor or a family - before they get to the check-in station.

More information

Custom Branding / Use Your Logo

Custom Branding allows you to customize the KidCheck experience with your logo so your name and brand are prominently displayed to everyone checking-in. Customize the check-in screen, name badges, guardian receipts and reports by displaying your logo.

Customizable Themes

In addition to KidCheck's many background theme options, you can also customize the background with the visuals you choose to represent your check-in experience.

Choose one or multiple images that best fit your organization and the background you wish to show.  Images, logos, kids area visuals - it's your choice.

Event Registration

Simplify event registration for any size event and gather key information prior to check-in. Know ahead of time who is planning to attend so you can plan volunteer to child ratios, assign registrants to locations and run reports to help keep planning organized.

You control registration beginning and end dates, can specify if there is limited capacity (overall and by location), and use custom fields to gather details such as shirt size and buddy requests.  For events that have a cost associated, you can assign a fee, add multi-child discounts, and accept online payments through an integration with PayPal (requires the PayPal Payments Pro service).

More information Event Registration

Billing (Check-In Passes and Add-ons)

Fast, easy, flexible childcare payment options including prepaid childcare passes, add on product offerings, and discounts. Generate revenue while creating a positive experience. Allow members to purchase childcare ahead – by number of check-ins, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, annually. Add on items for purchase such as socks, or a box lunch, or offer discounts right at check-in. Or charge for childcare/play time used at check-out. Simple to set up, lots of flexibility, and convenient for members to purchase and pay. Perfect for your kids area.

More Information Check-In Passes

Automatic Classroom Load Balancing

Automatic Check-in Location Load Balancing informs you, right on the check-in screen, when a room has reached capacity. It will also start checking children in to an alternate room you have assigned.  Simplify your work balancing, tracking and adjusting check-in around ratios and capacity.

More information
Automatic Check-in Location Load Balancing

Google Maps Integration

See where the guardians checking children at your organization are located. Get a better understanding of the area(s) where the bulk of your parents come from and see how far people are travelling to get to you. Also, perhaps little Johnny wants to attend but his parent can't bring him – you can see who lives nearby and see if someone can help.

Time Limits

Easily track, manage and limit allotted time in child care.  No manual tracking needed. Time Limits automatically informs you, plus the parent, when a child or group of children's time is up.  Easy to set up and flexible to meet your individual needs.

More information
Time Limits

Priority Support

A special phone number providing priority status in the support queue - go right to the front. No phone tree. Quick, direct access to KidCheck's expert support reps.