Account Setup Instructions
- A 1-page PDF for organizations to give to parents, guardians, volunteers and employees explaining the benefits of KidCheck and how to create a free personal account.

Parent Letter
- A Word document for organizations to give to parents announcing KidCheck, explaining the benefits of KidCheck, and the importance of setting up their account.

Video Intro for Parents
- A one minute video to show to parents introducing what KidCheck is and some of the benefits a secure children's check-in system brings to your organization. To download, right-click the link above and choose "Save As". Alternately, you can also send parents this link to view the video:

Account Setup Video
- A short video that walks through the account creation process for parents, guardians, volunteers, and employees. To download, right-click the link above and choose "Save As".

Volunteer and Employee Training Guide
- A step-by-step PDF guide for organizations to give to volunteers and employees on how to set up accounts and complete check-in and check-out.

Start/Stop Check-in Instructions
- A one-page PDF guide that walks volunteers/employees through starting & stopping check-in.

Announcement Poster
- PDF-format announcement poster for organizations to inform parents about KidCheck, and request they set up their accounts.

Sample Volunteer/Childcare Worker Application
- Feel free to use this form as is or as a starting point for your volunteer application.

KidCheck Brochure
- A two page PDF brochure highlighting the KidCheck secure check-in system.

Compare Editions & Pricing (Printable)
- A printable version of the chart displaying KidCheck's features, editions, and pricing.

KidCheck Feature Comparison (Printable)
- A printable PDF of KidCheck's feature comparison between editions. Perfect for printing and sharing what is included in the Essentials, Standard, Premium, and Campus feature sets of KidCheck.

KidCheck Desktop Wallpaper
- A KidCheck desktop wallpaper for use on check-in stations.

KidCheck Logo (JPEG)
- JPG version of the official KidCheck logo.

KidCheck Logo (EPS)
- EPS version of the official KidCheck logo.