KidCheck Children’s Check-In Videos

Enjoy these short videos for an overview of KidCheck, what makes us different, and the benefits of secure children’s check-in for churches, fitness clubs, activity centers, childcare, kids camps, and any organization caring for children, and what makes KidCheck different.


We also have Training Videos available to help you best set up and use KidCheck’s Children’s Check-in system.


See first hand how KidCheck can help streamline your check-in process, improve security and create a great first impression with a free online demo.

  • What is KidCheck?

    Learn more about KidCheck’s secure children’s check-in and the benefits it provides with this fun, animated overview video.

  • What is KidCheck Express?

    Learn more about KidCheck Express Check-In where parents check children in on their own phone!

  • Yep, Express Check-In is That Fast and Easy!

    The KidCheck Express Check-In experience – no waiting in line, increased parent satisfaction, and improved efficiency.

  • KidCheck for Fitness Facilities and Activity Centers

    Secure children’s check-in provides many benefits for fitness facilities and activity centers. Take a look.

  • What Makes KidCheck Different

    Learn about the design concept around KidCheck and what sets us apart from other children’s check-in systems.

  • What Other People Are Saying

    Hear why some pastors, childcare professionals, parents, volunteers and IT staff chose KidCheck’s secure children’s check-in system.

  • Shouldn’t You Be Writing This Down?

    Here, the kids remind us of some of the little (and not so little) things that are good to know. Enjoy.