• Who will have access to the information I put in my KidCheck account?

    Your information is only visible to you, your authorized guardians and then the childcare organziation – but only after you check-in to their facility for the first time. Your data is safe. KidCheck uses the same secure data technologies as banks and never asks for personal identification information. Additionally, KidCheck never sells any information.

  • What is a KidCheck account and why do I need one?

    With a parent/guardian account you can securely and quickly check your children in to any organization using KidCheck. By providing your contact information, basic information about your children (including medical/allergy) and a list of authorized and unauthorized guardians, you can quickly and easily check your children in and be confident they will only be released to you or someone you have authorized.

    Let us explain a little more about your KidCheck account. There are two “types” of guardian KidCheck accounts.

    1. KidCheck login account (with user id and password) – recommended!
    2. This is a complete account you as a guardian create online, from home or work (or anywhere with an internet connection), which includes a login user name and password you choose.
    3. The login account should include all the pertinent information (including photos) that you’ve input about yourself, your preferences (i.e text messaging capabilities), your children and authorized/unauthorized guardians.
    4. Once you have created a login account with a user name and password, you have the ability to securely access, manage and change your information anytime, from any PC.
    5. KidCheck recommends you create a login account prior to checking your children in for the first time. This way you are set and ready to go for a secure, very fast check-in – all you have to do is input your phone number at the children’s check-in station.
    6. A KidCheck guardian account that is created at a children’s check-in station
      • If you have not already created a login account, when you check your children in for the first time at a check-in station you’ll be asked to input some basic information about yourself, your contact data and your children. This will create a guardian account.
      • While a guardian account is all that is necessary to successfully continue to check-in; because it is not set up with a user id and password, you are unable to manage and change your information as you can with a login account.
      • Also, a guardian account typically has less information and photos than a login account. When you create a guardian account at the check-in station, an email will automatically be generated providing a link and reminding you to set up your login account.
  • Should I set up one account or separate accounts for each parent/guardian associated with my child(ren)?

    To best answer this question, first please read the answer to the question above “What is a KidCheck account?” to better understand how KidCheck accounts work.

    For families who share the same main address and contact phone information, one login account that covers both parents is the best option. A primary guardian should set up an account and list the children, then add their spouse/significant other and any other people they want to be able to drop off or pick up their children as authorized guardians. For example you can add grandma and grandpa or a trusted neighbor as authorized guardians. If appropriate, also include anyone that is not authorized. Don’t forget to upload photos, as this increases safety.

    When contact information and guardianship differs within the family unit, setting up separate login accounts for each guardian is the best option. This allows each guardian to list the children, their associated authorized guardians, use their own phone number to check-in and have the ability to manage and update their own personal information.

  • I received an email about creating a KidCheck account, what is this email referring to?

    If you create a basic guardian account at the organization’s check-in station; while you are set and able to check-in in the future, you don’t have a full KidCheck login account. A full login account allows you to manage and update your account because it includes a user id and password that you designate. Plus, when you complete your account, you are able to input all the associated information about yourself, your children and the guardians, from the comfort of home. The email is a reminder to you that you started an account and provides the link for you to complete it with a login in and password. See the question and answer “What is a KidCheck account?” for more details on guardian and login accounts.

  • How is the allergy and medical information I note for my child used?

    For safety reasons it is imperative that the organization your child will be attending is aware of any allergy or medical warnings. There are two places to note information in your account. The first is where you provide any medical or allergy alerts which will be printed and visible on the child check-in label. This is to ensure caregivers are immediately aware of any conditions. There is also a second option to share any private information you want them to be aware of but do not want printed on the tag. This might be medication details or schedule, ways the child reacts to or handles situations, additional information or concerns. Also, be assured only the main KidCheck administrators will be able to view the private notes.

  • I input my photo into my account but it’s not showing up, why?

    It could be a simple timing issue. There is an approval process for photos input into KidCheck so they may not show up immediately after being uploaded. The photos are reviewed and approved several times a day. The photos are reviewed to ensure they are of an actual person and that they are not inappropriate in nature. If you upload a photo that is not of an actual person it will not be approved. Examples include: characters such as Darth Vader or Super Mario; animals such as a pet dog or lion from the zoo; a drawn picture of a stick figure or some other art. The purpose of the photo is to enable increased security allowing the organization to physically see that the person trying to check-out your child is indeed the same authorized guardian shown by the picture in the account.

  • I’m a guardian and need to register my keytag, how do I do that?

    Typically the organization you are checking in to will have already registered your key tag for you. Then next time you check-in, scan your key tag and it will most likely be set and process your check-in. However, if it is not, to assign your key tag to your account:

    • Login at the check-in station using your 10-digit phone number
    • In the top left corner of the check-in screen, you will see a hamburger menu that you can select, within these settings you can select “Register Key Tag”
    • Use the mouse to click in the box and swipe your key tag under the barcode scanner
    • When it beeps it will input the unique barcode from your key tag (i.e. KC00400)
    • Next time you check your children in or out, instead of typing in your phone number, simply scan your key tag
  • I forgot my password, how can I get it?

    To reset your password, simply go to login to KidCheck at go.kidcheck.com (no www) and choose login. Use the “forgot your username or password” menu to enter your email, and choose the “reset password” button to trigger a password reset email to be sent to you with instructions. Once you are in your account you can click on preferences and manage you passwords, email and various other feature choices.

    If you have not already set up a full login account, start to input the personal information here and KidCheck will look to see if you have an account started based on that personal information. It will pull up your account and allow you to complete it from there. Once the full login account is set up you can make password and other changes to it.