Automatically be aware of and have check-in adjust when a room reaches capacity. The “Automatic Check-in Location Load Balancing” feature informs you, right on the check-in screen, when a room has reached capacity. It will also start checking children in to an alternate room you have assigned as well. This simplifies your work balancing, tracking and adjusting check-in around ratios and capacity.

To enable the feature, you will need to setup a group and assign individual locations/rooms under it. The parents will only see icon-loadbalancethe group location (i.e. toddler room). Running in the background the system knows you have the multiple locations/rooms and automatically handles the load balancing. You can decide if you want the children checked-in sequentially between the rooms, or balanced where children are only assigned to another room when the first one has reached capacity. You can also choose to keep family members together during the assigning process. You determine the capacity caps and decide if you want to continue or stop check-in when capacity is reached.