Setting up Location Load Balancing allows organizations with more than one classroom for the same age group manage how the classrooms are filled. Some organizations want to fill up one classroom completely to capacity before beginning to put children in the next location. However, other customers want KidCheck to keep the locations balanced; putting one child in the first location and the next child in a different classroom.

Step 1: Navigate to the Campuses & Locations area

  1. Choose the System Settings gear icon in the upper right
  2. Select the System Options item in the left sidebar
  3. Select the Campuses and Locations item
  4. Click on the appropriate campus name

Step 2: Create a group which encompasses the classrooms you will load balance

  • Choose Add New Location or Age Group
  • Name the group in the Location Name field (i.e. 1st grade, Toddlers, etc.)
  • For Location Type choose Location Group for Load Balancing
  • Choose “Load all rooms evenly” or “Load one room at a time
  • Choose Save changes

Creating a location group for load balancing.


You’ll see the group added to the Location Groups column on the left side of the screen.

Step 3: Create the locations/rooms that will go within the group

  1. Choose Add New Location or Age Group
  2. Choose the Location Name (i.e. room #104)
  3. For Location Type choose Single check-in location
  4. Under Add location to a group, pick the group name you want the room/location associated with (i.e. 1st grade)
  5. Input your desired capacity and continue or stop check in preferences
  6. Ensure Active and Save changes
Repeat for as many rooms/locations as you want associated with that group.

You’ll now see the group name with the location(s) associated underneath.


When adding these locations to your template(s), you will simply add the location group, rather then the individual rooms within the group. When parents check their children in, they will again just choose the group, and the system will automatically put them into the rooms based on your load balancing preferences.

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