You have several options for implementing a touchless check-in: Express Check-In, Self Check-In Lists/Badges, and utilizing workers to check people in on their behalf.

Additionally, implement touchless check-out using electronic Guardian Receipts or Check-Out Receipt Texts to further reduce direct contact.

Express Mobile Check-In

Setting Up

When used with a KidCheck ExpressHub, Express Check-In allows parents to completely initiate and complete check-in on their own personal device (likely a phone) – no need to touch anything else.

To utilize Express Check-In:

  1. Set up a KidCheck ExpressHub on your network
  2. Activate a license on the ExpressHub
  3. Enable templates/programs to be available for Express on desired days

Even if you do not yet have a KidCheck ExpressHub, you can complete step 3 above. That will enable parents to initiate an Express Check-In on their device then quickly complete it via a traditional check-in station with minimal contact.

How Parents Use Express Check-In

  1. Ensure the parent’s KidCheck account has a username/password
    If it does not, go through any new account workflow or password reset workflow from the KidCheck mobile app or to add a username/password
  2. Download the KidCheck mobile app for iOS or Android
  3. Log into the mobile app
  4. Tap on the Check-In area of the app and select Express Check-In
  5. Follow the Express Check-In prompts to initiate an Express Check-In
  6. Once onsite (and within range of an ExpressHub – about 50 feet), the app on the parent’s device will display a green button to submit the Express Check-In and finish checking in
  7. If using physical printers, a printer will print the Guardian Receipt. The parent will also get a digital Guardian Receipt in their app. (If your organization uses Guardian Receipt by text message, the parent may also receive a link via text message to a digital Guardian Receipt.)

Visitors Using Express Check-In

If you have a visitor who has never checked in, they can still use Express Check-In! To do so, they’ll need to:

  1. Download the KidCheck mobile app
  2. Create an Account from the login screen
  3. Log into the app and follow the steps above (as long as they are near an ExpressHub at your location, your organization will show up as available for an Express Check-In for a new user)

Self Check-In List/Badges

If your organization has check-in stations with scanners (or uses mobile check-in stations with cameras), you can print a Self Check-In List or Badges (from the Reports section of Workers can then scan the barcode for each child checking in and quickly check kids in.

  • Those reports print according to previous check-in data
  • If you plan to accept visitors, you’ll need to decide how you want to help them to create a new KidCheck account and complete their initial check-in since they won’t already be on the list
  • If you had visitors in previous weeks, you can update your report by reprinting it weekly so the newest people will be on it for their next check-in

Touchless Check-Out

If you choose to use digital Guardian Receipts (either in the KidCheck mobile app or via Check-Out Receipt Texts), you can eliminate the need for a physical paper Guardian Receipt.

  • Digital guardian receipts are automatically generated in the KidCheck mobile app upon a check-in (the parent will need the app on their device and will need to log in with their username/password)
  • Even if you choose to use physical name badges and Guardian Receipts, workers can easily visually check the child’s name badge without out need to touch the tag
  • Using the Admin Console or the Admin Console Mobile App allows workers to check kids out, verify security codes and guardians, and more without need to touch physical guardian receipts (see below for more)

Admin Console

The Admin Console is a live roster of who is currently checked. Use it to see exactly who is currently in, check kids out, text guardians, and more. This can all be done using your own personal mobile device or any computer (so no need to touch a public computer or check-in station).

Easily access it:

  • Via (Check-In tab > Utilities tab > Admin Console)
  • Admin Console Mobile App (search ‘KidCheck’ or ‘Admin Console’ in the App Store or Google Play Store)

Additional Tips

  • Use workers (at a safe and comfortable distance) to help guide parents in the new processes
  • Even if you choose not to use Express Check-In or Self Check-In barcodes, you can use workers to be parents’ hands at a check-in station, thus eliminating direct contact of multiple people at your stations. For example, “What is your phone number? Who are you checking in today?”
  • If parents are touching physical check-in stations, wipe the stations down with sanitizing wipes between each use
  • If you choose to solely use digital guardian receipts, you can disable physical Guardian Receipt printing in Advanced Options of the location settings for each location ( > System Settings gear in the upper right > System Options on the left > Campuses & Locations on the left > select your campus > select a location name > select Advanced Options > disable Guardian Receipt Printing)
  • Create short ‘wait here’ lines using tape guiding families waiting to check-in to stay 6 feet apart (as you’ve likely seen in many grocery stores)