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Parents check-in using their mobile device!

Reduce lines, improve efficiency, increase parent satisfaction.

  • After downloading the KidCheck App, parents can start check-in on their mobile device from home, the car, the parking lot – wherever there’s an internet or cellular data connection.
  • Check-in is then completed upon arrival. They simply tap ‘submit’ on their device, the KidCheck PrintHub recognizes the check-in and prints the associated child name badges and guardian receipts.
  • That’s it! No need to stand in line at a check-in station.


Express Check-In and the KidCheck PrintHub

The Express Check-In feature is available in all KidCheck editions and gives parents the ability to start check-in remotely from their personal mobile device. A licensed KidCheck PrintHub completes the check-in when the family arrives at your facility and enables automated label printing. A licensed PrintHub is considered an additional (lower priced) license along with the KidCheck edition check-in station license you choose.

The ability for parents to start check-in on their mobile device with Express Check-In is still available without a licensed KidCheck PrintHub, however then labels will not be prompted to print upon arrival. In this case, families will still need to use a physical check-in station to complete the check-in and print labels.

Special Offer:

Get the Express Check-In license free for the first year with purchase of PrintHub 3, now through September 30, 2018*!

How it Works

KidCheck took care of all that complicated stuff behind the scenes, making it easy, fast, and seamless for both organizations and the families checking in:


What Our Customers Think

Customer Experience Stories – Read more about how Express Check-In has benefited others.

“Express Check-In truly simplified and streamlined our check-in process and made it more efficient.”

Lindsay Kuhl – Nampa First Church of the Nazarene

“The Express Check-In option has increased convenience and speed, which translates to happy parents.”

Kathie Bamsey – Snellville UMC

“Express is fantastic! Start at home, hit submit when you arrive, and stickers are printing by the time you get in the door.”

Meghan Hone – Concord Street Church of Christ

“Express Check-In is a state-of-the-art, reliable check-in solution, adding flexibility and efficiency, providing a faster solution, and increasing parent satisfaction.”

Dee Cobia – Vintage Church LA

“I love Express Check-In because it helps reduce lines and traffic!”

Danelle Schlichenmayer – Century Baptist

“Parents using Express Check-In love that they can walk in, look at the line, and just go right by to pick up their receipts.”

Steve West – Calvary Chapel Golden Springs

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Express Check-In Frequently Asked Questions

    *Special Offer Details: Free license can only be applied to PrintHub 3, no other check-in station device. Free 12 months starts at date of PrintHub 3 purchase and is automatically activated. Free license offer valid only with PrintHub 3 purchased September 5 to September 30, 2018.