Looking for a youth self check-in option more appropriate for older, more responsible children? Something that shows them you believe they youth_logoare “grown-up” and provides parents with an opportunity to give them more responsibility? Or perhaps you simply need a self check-in option to better fit your facility’s unique process to streamline check-in?

KidCheck’s Youth Self Check-In/Out feature allows a child to have more autonomy while still providing you with an efficient check-in process and the ability to quickly and easily track attendance. Badge or report options are available to easily scan barcodes for check-in and out.

With youth self check-in and check-out you can create laminated name badges to be used by the older, self-sufficient children. They simply scan the barcode on the laminated badge to complete the check-in and check-out process. With self check-in the name badge will contain the same important information you are used to with traditional check-in, such as name and medical/allergy alert, check-in, plus it has an option for a photo. It includes your organization’s name and phone number, but does not include other identifying personal or contact information in case it is misplaced.

Using laminated youth check-in badges, you will not need to print a name badge or a guardian receipt as you would with the typical children’s check-in process. We suggest keeping the name badges organized in an easy to access spot so they can be readily found for youth check-in and replaced for check-out. For example, a small file card holder stored next to the children’s check-in station with badges sorted alphabetically works well.

As no printed name labels or guardian receipts are needed, combining KidCheck’s youth self check-in feature with the check-in assistant may be the perfect combination.  Have a volunteer or employee greet the kids upon arrival with their mobile device,  to simply scan the laminated badges to complete check-in rather than needing to go to the check-in station.

Another option is the self check-in roster report you can print that shows each child’s name and coinciding barcode for scanning. This report can be used instead of, or in conjunction with, badges in case they are forgotten or misplaced.

For additional parental peace-of-mind and to help you with overall communication, guardians can receive automatic text messaging notifications letting them know when their child has checked in and out.

Information is also available on Youth Volunteer Check-In