KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares A Feature Spotlight: Youth Self Check-In and OutMany churches and organizations are able to enlist the help of older children in serving as volunteers with the younger children. It can be a great way to encourage responsibility, and help lighten the load of other volunteers. KidCheck handles youth volunteers quickly and easily, while still upholding the strictest of data security standards (child information is always controlled by the guardian and only accessible to authorized personnel, with full COPPA compliance).

After a youngster has been authorized as a youth volunteer, their guardian will be able to check them in as a volunteer right from the check-in screen. It gives administrators and parents increased flexibility and security with minimal hassle: exactly what we pride ourselves in here at KidCheck.

Just as with adult volunteers, administrators can authorize youth volunteers from the ‘People’ or ‘Volunteer’ tabs. Once they are authorized, their guardians will see a new “My Child Volunteers” tab in the volunteer section of their check-in screen. From here, the youth volunteer’s location can be specified, and check-in happens quickly and seamlessly.