Many churches and other childcare facilities can really benefit from enlisting the help of older children in serving as volunteers. With KidCheck, authorizing and checking in youth volunteers is quick, easy, and secure!

How to set up a youth volunteer:

*Note: The youth will first need to be listed as a child under their guardian’s account, and will need to have been checked in at your organzation at least one time previously. Then the KidCheck administrator will need to designate them as a volunteer. To do so:

  1. Go to the People tab within KidCheck
  2. Use the search box to find the youth (again, they will need to have been previously checked in to appear in your search results)
  3. On the youth’s profile, hover on the blue options button in the Account Details box and select Edit Volunteer Status
  4. Check the box to enable, and click Save



The youth has now been added as a volunteer and is ready to be checked in the next time they serve.

How to check in a youth as a volunteer:

  1. At check-in, the authorized guardian will see a Volunteer Check-in tab on their check-in page
  2. Under the My Child Volunteers tab, select the youth volunteer you’d like to check in, and select the location where they will be serving
  3. Click Finish (other selected volunteers and children on the guardian’s account will also be checked in)