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  1. KidCheck helped us organize our children’s ministry and give security to the parents bringing the kids to the children’s ministry.

    Mario GUERERO
  2. KidCheck is very user friendly and it helps parents feel comfortable knowing their children are in a more secure area. No security implemented is going to guarantee nothing will ever happen, but KidCheck is a great value to our church since we added it.

    Heather Thatcher
    Calvary Baptist Church - Las Cruces, NM
  3. KidCheck is easy and the older kids love to learn the system themselves and take ownership of checking themselves in (with parent supervision, of course)!

    Samantha Orlich
    CrossPointe - Columbus, GA
  4. KidCheck is a wonderful system. I’ve been serving in our children’s ministry almost one year and KidCheck played a great role in my choosing to serve in this capacity.

    Vandelyn Smith
    Faith Christian Center- Jacksonville - Jacksonville, FL
  5. KidCheck is good for keeping attendence of the children. Also the labels with the children’s name is good for the teacher to know how many students are in the classroom. It makes it easier to check in students.

    Church -
  6. KidCheck has been wonderful for our church. It gives the parents (and us teachers) a peace of mind. I love when the kids come in with their printed nametags!

    Julie Salerno
    Woodbridge Community Church -
  7. KidCheck has been a wonderful tool for our children’s ministry. Parents,volunteers and most of all of our children enjoy the system.

    Julia Floyd
    Reflections of Christ Kingdom - Alvin, TX
  8. KidCheck has been a wonderful experience for Harmony. It is a wonderful program that Harmony LOVES!

    Paula Davis
    Harmony Christan Church -

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