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  1. We LOVE KidCheck! It gives parents and teachers the peace of mind that our children are safely taken care of. Plus, we know that we have parental information available quickly in case of an emergency or other issue with a child. Our VBS registration was revolutionized by KidCheck, and there is so much more I could say! Wonderful program!

    Carianne Pfiester
    Calvary Temple Church - Kerrville, TX
  2. I can’t say enough great things about this program. It has blessed us in ways we didn’t even realize it would. We have so much more parent involvement now and it has launched a whole new area of our Children’s Ministy. The whole experience has been a blessing Soup to Nuts. Our church is growing very quickly and we needed a safe way to check the kids in and out. We used to use a sign-in book and to update it and maintain it was extremely time consuming. KidCheck not only solved that problem but gave me a great peace. We have had some security issues with non-custodial parents and now the answer is quite simple… “May I have your Guardian Receipt”. If the answer is “I don’t have it” we don’t realease a child.

    Stacey French
    Living Word Christian Church - White Plains, NY
  3. Several parents were concerned about security issues. KidCheck seems to have resolved those issues. While others felt it was an inconvenience since “we all know each other,” they have come around and we don’t hear much negative. The second week we used KidCheck, the father of a foster child arrived and asked for his son! The gals at the desk simply had to ask for the guardian receipt (which obviously the dad didn’t have). The foster mom was called to the kids’ wing and the situation resolved. But KidCheck took the burden off the gals at the desk–and kept the little guy where he was supposed to be. We are very pleased.

    Janet Benjamin
    First Church of the Nazarene -
  4. Love KidCheck! I feel very confident in the security and love the ease of use.

    Elizabeth Harville
    Grace Crossing Church - Collierville, TN
  5. It is very easy to use and has made security much better. Parents feel comfortable with it and knowing that we make security a high priority.

    Amanda Rehm
    Orchard Grove Community Church - Walled Lake, MI
  6. We love it and are glad to have it for our children. We feel safe and things are very organized with it (class list etc.)

    Tanya Elwood
    Bible Truth Church - British Columbia, Canada
  7. I love being able to look at the size of a class from week to week to see if we can combine classes or leave them separate. Also, not having to take attendance manually is a WONDERFUL timesaver.

    ginger lefever
    community fellowship church - Lancaster, PA
  8. It has made our check in look more professional, parents like that they can complete their records at home and have easy access to them on Sunday mornings. Leaders and kids are all checking in on the same system and it looks well managed for everyone, as well as giving a fast overview of classroom management and safety issues.

    Marilyn Smith
    Woodbridge Community Church - Irvine, CA

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