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  1. We just started using it at our church and so far so good!! I think it’s going to be an awesome tool for our church family.

    Eagle Nazarene - Eagle, ID
  2. It has been very helpful and very secure!!

    The Pursuit - boise Idaho
  3. Our church has received positive feedback since implementing KidCheck. Parents are impressed with the added security features that KidCheck has brought to our check-in system, as well as the ease of checking in their children. Teachers’ jobs are made easier with the fail-proof label system. KidCheck is a smooth and easy process that has enhanced our children’s ministry considerably!

    Amy Smith
    Church Alive International - Roanoke, VA
  4. We’re a smaller church checking in maybe 30 children on a given Sunday. Initially it was slow before parents had their accounts set up. I wish there was just one single page to type in name, email, and children for first-time guests. Once our parents had their accounts set up, check-in became a breeze! We were supplied enough key tags so everyone could have their own. They simply swipe their tag in front of the scanner and that’s about it. One parent had a problem with information being available on the Internet, but it’s not so much a Kidcheck issue but rather their fears of online usage overall. Kidcheck doesn’t have much more info in their databases than a phonebook. We committed to 3 years of Kidcheck and have been pleased with our launch!

    Tim Severance
    Kalkaska Church of Christ - MI
  5. I think the concept is great! I’m sure for parents of younger children it’s easy to use and provides peace of mind. I have two teenagers, and it would be better for ME if they could check themselves in and out. It would still provide peace of mind as I’d know when they got there and when they leave without having to leave MY prior commitments to go check them in and out. With just a touch of tweaking for teens, it would be terrific all around!

    Jesus Assembly of God - St Peter, MN
  6. I really like the KidCheck program! It has been a great check in system for our church. As a Children’s Director and as a parent, I have seen so many benefits to having this system in place. The parents feel more involved with the program and that is always a plus.

    Julie Salerno
    Woodbridge Community Church - Irvine
  7. We have enjoyed using Kidcheck for our VBS, and we are just starting to roll it out for all of our children’s programs! The only hard part is the reliability of the printers. They seem to getr easily overwhelmed. Other than that, I love the web based program. It’s easy to use and very intuitive!

    Church of the Nativity - Lutherville, MD
  8. A little difficult to make revisions on – but great once all set up.

    Eagle Naz - Eagle, ID

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