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  1. My wife is the preschool coordinator and we have children brought in on our van. There has been times when a father would show up to モpickup my kidsヤ and she would not know if the parent was custodial or not. KidCheck take care of that

    Robert Canion
    University Park Baptist - San Antonio, TX
  2. Great system. More and more of our parents are setting up accounts each day. Already went through one bag of 100 barcode tags and now working through the next bag. Great customer service, the best I’ve seen in years!

    Nancy Shoemaker
    Spout Springs Church - Cameron, NC
  3. I was very excited to hear that my church was going to incorporate KidCheck into the children’s ministry! As a sunday school teacher and parent, I can say from experience that this system definitely increases the feeling of security for all involved. Parents are able to focus on the message and know that their child/children are safe. I love the added bonus that you can access your personal account from the privacy of your own home and make changes if you choose to.

    Sandra Dones
    Woodbrigde Community Church - Irvine, CA
  4. I like kids check as a parent and a volunteer it is quick and easy! giving the kids barecodes is a little wierd for me though.

    covenant christian community - The Dalles, OR
  5. I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! My Church has begun using it for EVERYTHING! THank you so much, guys who created Kidcheck!

    Alec Wheeler
    Vineyard Christian Fellowship - Boise, ID
  6. KidCheck has really made checking in the children for Children’s Church much easier. It has really decreased the congestion of parent pick-up and drop off on Sunday Mornings. Parents like the convenience and security of dropping off their children with KidCheck.

    VLC - Waco, TX
  7. We have been using kid check at our church now for a few months. And now that everyone is in the system it works really well. I love the security of a printed out sheet to double check and keep track of all the kidos.

  8. We like the speed and ease of checking in our kids. As a check-in volunteer, I appreciate the autonomy that parents now have during check in.


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