KidCheck Children's Check-In Attendance TrackingKidCheck provides secure children’s check-in solutions for churches, fitness centers, activity centers, and child care organizations. Our solutions help streamline the check-in process, improve security, easily track attendance, and create peace-of-mind. KidCheck incorporates comprehensive reporting, data analysis and exporting capabilities so you can more effectively track attendance, improve visitor follow up, and better understand ratio and capacity data. Save time and increase efficiency so you can focus on member outreach and other priorities in your children’s ministry, Sunday school, Kids Club, or nursery.

  • Easily track, report and analyze attendance – no forms, sheets or charts to fill out and keep
  • Accurate data for more informed decision making
  • Quickly capture who has and has not been attending
  • Better understand and manage data trends such as ratios and classroom capacity
  • At a glance access to child and volunteer or employee locations, as well as contact information
  • Quickly and easily export key attendance, visitor and trending data to share with leaders and your team
  • Access to children’s birthday information in one place
  • Generate reports based on any date range you choose and easily export to a variety of formats

Request a free personal online demo – it’s a great way to see KidCheck features and benefits first hand. KidCheck reports cover a variety of topics including:

  • Custom reports designed to gather and slice and dice data to meet your individual needs
  • Overall statistics and graphical charts delivering check-in, ratio and capacity data
  • Various attendance reports, check-in logs and roster reports
  • First time visitor reports, with contact information
  • Multiple parent/guardian reports, as well as associated bulk email and mail capabilities
  • Child and guardian contact information, plus children’s birthdays at a glance
  • Medical and allergy reports
  • Several volunteer/employee reports
  • Event registration and billing reports

Below are some sample attendance and other reporting screenshots.