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  1. We have been using kid check at our church now for a few months. And now that everyone is in the system it works really well. I love the security of a printed out sheet to double check and keep track of all the kidos.

  2. We like the speed and ease of checking in our kids. As a check-in volunteer, I appreciate the autonomy that parents now have during check in.

  3. Well, I am pretty intimately involved with KidCheck, since I coordinate the volunteers for KC at the Pursuit in Boise. It runs really smooth, and that makes it easy to get volunteers trained in a very short amount of time. Parents like it, and visitors see the value of it right away. This is the first time I have been at a church that utilizes this technology, and I wouldn’t want to go back to any old ways of doing things.

    Ken Neely
    The Pursuit - Boise, ID
  4. I think that it is a very great idea and that is is so much more easy to keep track of the kids.

    Anastasia Parkinson
  5. I really like Kid Check. The one thing I would change is having all the kids on our account automatically selected. We bring friends and relatives from time to time to church on our kidcheck account, but I don’t want to have to deselect everyone, but my kids each week. It is a very small inconvenience so it is no big deal. Other than that I think it is smooth and flawless to check in and out.

    The Pursuit - Boise, ID
  6. I love the convenience of being able to check in all my children at once! With kids in different age groups, this has considerably cut down on our “wasted time.” The only drawbacack I have seen is when I have to help new people check in. It is a slow process on a Sunday morning. I wish that there was a faster, shortened version for first time visitors that they could then go back and fill in the blanks.

    Allison Hoot
    Marysville First Assembly - Marysville, WA
  7. After using KidCheck for a few months now, we love the ease of the system, the accuracy of the information, and the positive feedback we are getting from parents. They appreciate that the database is easy for them to use and the fact that we are doing everything we can to improve our security. We are also excited that the more we use KidCheck, the more functionality we are finding with it. It’s like Christmas everyday when we find new applications!

    Kristin Hardy
    Vineyard of Boise - Garden City, Idaho
  8. We introduced KidCheck just 3 months ago and it is great! I love all the reports this program has to offer and especailly the Event Registration parents can do for events! It is great to have parents sign up at home, I know how many volunteers I need to watch the children coming and the parents have a very quick check-in because they already signe up at home! Thanks, KidCheck for making my job so much easier!

    Vineyard Boise christian Fellowship - Boise, Id

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