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  1. We’ve been utilizing KidCheck at The Pursuit for nearly 6months and are very pleased with every aspect of it. From the ease of use to the unique features, KidCheck has our basics covered, but goes beyond- giving us a state of the art system with out the giant price tag. Our volunteers enjoy using the system and our parents love the peace of mind that comes in knowing their child is safe and secure with this added feature to our programs. We tell people all the time- we don’t know how we ever did without KidCheck!

    Nick Shoemaker
    The Pursuit - Boise, ID
  2. This simply makes being a student ministries pastor 10 times easier. Now I can focus on the ministry and not the monotony of sign in sheet and stickers and workers to do that. Turn on, sign in, and forget about it! Love this as well as all the parents. Safe, secur, and simple.

    Eric Diehl
    New Life A/G - Venice, Florida
  3. I love this option. Dropping off my son is very fast. Very easy check in and check out. I work as a teacher also and love the fact that I can rest assured I have released the child to the correct parent and everyone is accounted for.

    Kristina Darling
    Journey christianc Church - Tracy, CA
  4. It makes it so easy to drop off my 4 kids and go!!

    Cortney Taylor
    VLC WACO - Waco, Tx
  5. KidCheck is working great for us! We’ve only had it about 2 months and the parents love the ease in which they can use it every Sunday morning. I love the fact that I don’t always have to be standing there because the parents know how to use it! I’m still trying to figure everything out on how to delete kids and do some housekeeping, but for right now, it’s great!!

    Amy Boswell
    Marshall Road Baptist Church - Jacksonville, AR
  6. I love how easy it is to sign in my daughter and as a volunteer. The texting feature is wonderful. I really appreciate all the work Kid Check does to keep everything up to date and secure. Thank you!

    Rachel Freeman
    Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Boise - Boise, ID
  7. We just started using it at our church and so far so good!! I think it’s going to be an awesome tool for our church family.

    Eagle Nazarene - Eagle, ID
  8. It has been very helpful and very secure!!

    The Pursuit - boise Idaho

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