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  1. We are just getting going with KidCheck, but so far our parents really like it. It’s easy to use and easy to implement. Our church uses a database system that is somewhat clunky and complex. Customer service also isn’t that great. Even though they have a check-in system, we decided to go with KidCheck instead. I’m glad we did. Customer service has been awesome!

    Christopher Sykes
    Parkview Baptist Church - Decatur, AL
  2. KidCheck has been a great addition to our Children’s Ministry. The Customer service has been amazing! We have had reports modified to fit our needs. Phone calls and emails have been promptly returned. It has been a smooth transition for parents and staff. We are looking forward to continually serving the King together.

    Katrina Wilmoth
    Wildwood Calvary Chapel - Yucaipa Ca.
  3. Implementing the KidCheck system was one of the easiest implementations that have have been a part. I have been in the software industry for over 10 years and seen some challenging implementations. This system is by far, one of the simplest systems to implement. Even the one minor glitch was taken care of in a time and professional manner – a rarity in today’s age. A terrific system for any organization!

    Michael Philipp
    CRCC - Simpsonville, SC
  4. We are just getting going with deploying the KidCheck security system for our church and I have to say that the best part so far is the excellent customer service that is provided. I feel like I can connect with someone right away and they are able to help me with whatever I need. Brad and Alex have been awesome to work with! I look forward to a long relationship between and KidCheck.

    Ryan Foldhazi - Olathe, KS
  5. As the Payroll Manager at our Child Care Center, I appreciate no longer having to calculate employees’ hours by hand! It also keeps employees honest about how many days/hours they actually worked! If they don’t check in and out on a given day, then they don’t get paid – plain & simple!

    Cresthill Baptist CDC - Bowie, MD
  6. We really appreciate the KidCheck program and are looking forward to expanding this program to include our preschool as well as the nursery. It’s a blessing to our administrators as well in keeping correct attendance records. Thanks you KidChurch for making it easier for all of us, kids, parents and church.

    Laura Grose
    Horizons Church - Stafford, VA
  7. It’s great to know that my kids will only go home with the right people.

    Stephany Gonser
    Journey Christian Church - Tracy, CA
  8. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I have never seen customer service put so much time and effort in getting a problem fix as Alex has. Thanks, Alex, for everything you have done to make the printer and check-in computer work together! Keep up the great work!

    Nancy Shoemaker
    Spout Springs Church - Cameron NC

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