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  1. Last weekend, my husband and I were running around doing errands, well somehow my keys found their way into the laundry for the dry cleaners. Well, about an hour later I get a call from KidCheck (on a Saturday afternoon no less) saying that my keys had been found. I didn’t even realize they were lost! We use KidCheck at our church so the dry cleaner was able to read my KidCheck keytag on my key chain and KidCheck contacted me. Talk about going above & beyond the call of duty. They saved me countless panic on Monday morning. Thank you so much!

    NULL - Phoenix, AZ
  2. I just wanted to say thank you for KidCheck! You have simplified our administrative work in remarkable ways and have given us so many wonderful tools. We had our kick-off Sunday today and used our volunteer name tags for the first time and it worked great. Iメm constantly amazed at the improvements and just really enjoy the ease of this system. So, after a busy month of preparation and all the people who helped make this work, I wanted to be sure to include you in a word of thanks. So, thank you!

    Evangel BC - Kelowna, BC CANADA
  3. Last Sunday we opened up our computerized check-in system and it was fantastic. Kidcheck worked great. We had some people all ready registered online, and the rest were checked in for the first time that day. Even though they did not register early it still went pretty fast and with no hiccups. Training our volunteers on it was easy as well. They picked it up and had no problems with it on Sunday. It created a buzz around our church that something new and exciting was happening. Always good. Your Chat With Us feature was great. I used it twice and both times I had prompt interaction with your customer service. I would definitely use the word easy to describe Kidcheck. The whole experience was easy.

    Sugar Grove Church - Goshen, IN
  4. We have been live with KidCheck for one month now, and it has already been a tremendous blessing to our church family. The glitches we have had to work out have been issues on our end, not on KidCheck’s. KidCheck has done everything it promised us it would do – and more! Our congregation was a little hesitant at first about implementing this program – they weren’t truly convinced there was a need. However, we have had many visitors over the last month who have been so thankful for the program and the peace of mind it provides when leaving your child in a stranger’s care in a new place. Our members have heard their responses and realized that KidCheck is not only an in-reach tool, but also an out-reach tool. We are very thankful for the KidCheck progam and how it helps us to take care of our children and serve others with excellence.

    Jennifer Ledbetter
    WABC - Cookeville, TN
  5. We have used Kidcheck for 5 sessions now. Alex told me that a successful roll-out would have 30% of the children pre-registered before the roll-out day. We are a small church and to start I am only using Kidcheck in our nursery. Our preschool children will be moving down to a room by the nursery in June and we will use the program with them at that time. I chose to roll-out on a Wednesday. That night 100% of the children (11 of 11) were preregistered! To be fair, that Sunday we had an additional 8 children who were checked in for the first time, 4 of those eight were pregistered, 50%. So overall for the first week of using kidcheck, 75% of the children were preregistered. I have checked the guardian list, and most of the regular parents for the preschool age have already registered with kidcheck in preparation for the changes in June. Thanks for the challenge, Alex! I knew I could count on my regular parents to come through. As we have just gone through Holy Week with visitors, several parents had gotten their visiting family and friends to create accounts before coming for the first time. It was great!

    Tammy Shields
    Anaheim First Christian Church - Anaheim, CA
  6. I was teaching our membership class last week & I routinely ask “What was it that made you come back to our church the second time?” One of the families said “It was KidCheck!” They were impressed that we take their kids security seriously and it made them feel very welcomed and reduced the distraction or worrying about their kids. Who would have thought a check-in system could do that? Way to go KidCheck!

    The Pursuit - Boise, ID
  7. Professional, easy to implement, our parents and volunteers are blessed. Great tech support for the few times it’s been needed

    Bruce Nichols
    NULL - Calvary Spokane, wa
  8. We use Kidcheck at our church already and we love it! It has made check in/ out so much easier and safe for our church.

    Christ Community Church - Winter Haven, FL

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