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  1. I really like the KidCheck program! It has been a great check in system for our church. As a Children’s Director and as a parent, I have seen so many benefits to having this system in place. The parents feel more involved with the program and that is always a plus.

    Julie Salerno
    Woodbridge Community Church - Irvine
  2. We have enjoyed using Kidcheck for our VBS, and we are just starting to roll it out for all of our children’s programs! The only hard part is the reliability of the printers. They seem to getr easily overwhelmed. Other than that, I love the web based program. It’s easy to use and very intuitive!

    Church of the Nativity - Lutherville, MD
  3. A little difficult to make revisions on – but great once all set up.

    Eagle Naz - Eagle, ID
  4. Our church has about 100 children every Sunday and we were needing an upgrade to our security. After a lot of research, KidCheck was our best solution. Not only are we able to provide a safer place for our children, but we continue to find more and more perks to using the system – like a time-stamped check-in and check-out for our paid childcare workers, reports of first time visitors, and historical reports of how much our volunteers have worked. And of course that is just the beginning. There is so much more to the system that we have not even tapped into. We love it!

    Jason Church
    Convergence Church - Fort Worth, TX
  5. Great system. Thank you!

    FCC - Jacksonville/FL
  6. It’s been a great benefit to our church, and it makes us feel that our child is more protected. Thank you for a great product!

    The Pursuit - Boise, ID
  7. Love it! It’s so easy and quick!

    Vineyard - Boise/Idaho
  8. KidCheck has been great for us. I bring my daughter’s friend with us and when there was a serious issue of who was allowed to pick her up I was able to use the system and know she was safe. It gave me a piece of mind about leaving her friend with the kids to enjoy service.

    The Creekside Church - Mountlake Terrace, WA

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