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  1. Kid check is amazing! i am so happy with our investment. Parents have given me so many compliments about how wonderful it is to have such a secure system in our church. The only thing im waiting for now is for it to work with my mac :).

    Ben Crawford-Medina
    Covenant Christian Community Church - The Dalles, Oregon
  2. kidcheck is so easy to use. Because I am not always the one to drop my daughter off, getting the text alerts when she is checked in and out helps me keep track of where she is, even if I’m not there!

    Woodbridge Community Church - Irvine, CA
  3. KidCheck is very easy to use, both for parents and for administrators. The reports are very helpful and easy to use. The parents love the guardian key tags and it makes the check-in just a few seconds per family. The tech support you get with KidCheck is amazing. They are extremely helpful and patient as they help you with setting up the program. I highly recommend KidCheck to any church or organization that wants to enhance their security in a customer friendly way. All the feedback that I have received has been very positive from parents and from the kids who love watching the name tags print out. Thanks for all that all of you at KidCheck are doing to help keep kids in today’s world safe.

    Sandy Balocca
    Topeka Bible Church - Topeka, KS
  4. As a parent and a child care professional I appreciate the security KidCheck allows. Knowing only those with a reciept or who are on my list can check out my child helps me feel much more at ease. Also knowing I will recieve a text message should my child be checked out of kids church places my mind at rest. This program is great!

    Leslie R
    Victorious Life Church - Waco,TX
  5. KidCheck is by far the easiest system I’ve ever used as a parent. Getting alerted to coming to the nursery for a crying toddler has never been a smoother process. I feel safe and secure using the system and love the ease with which I get my children into the pre-school area of our church. KidCheck rocks!

    Vineyard Boise Church - Boise, ID
  6. I love the security in checking my children in. I also love how simple it is. I have 3 young children and being able to check them in all at once is wonderful! I have also loved just how connected we are through text to the childcare should our children need anything. This has been a great experience!

    Amy Kusin
    Vineyard Christain Fellowship - Boise, Idaho
  7. The safety of a child is one of the most important things to secure the parents assurance. KidCheck provides a secure environment for the children and ease for the parents, knowing they will receive a text message if anything is to upset their child. The program that KidCheck has built is incredible. The personalized code and name tag for each child not only secures him or her to be picked up by only their designated adult, but also gives administrators the chance to branch out the the parents of the children. Being a parent, you feel so safe leaving you child with the staff at church knowing that only you (with the receipt) can pick up your child. The security of this program is really reassuring. Thank you all for that you are doing to provide safe environments for children of all ages!

    Creekside Church - Mount Lake Terrace, WA
  8. KidCheck works for us!! It is easy to use. The parents appreciate knowing that their children are in a safe situation and that they can control the information about their family. They also like knowing when their children are checked in and out. As an administrator I really appreciate the reports that I can easily access. What a time saver for me. I also like that the templates can be changed to serve our different ministry needs. We have a template for Summer Sunday School and one for VBS. We also made templates for the holidays like Easter and Christmas. With the economy the way it is right now, the affordability of KidCheck is much appreciated. Last, but not least, I so appreaciate the support system of the developers of KidCheck. I have called them many a time and they have always been curtious and have answered my questions in a timely manner.

    Marian Smith
    Ustick Baptist Church - Boise, Id.

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