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  1. This September we are going to kick-off our new ministry season with kid Check. I have been searching for about six years now and this seems to be the best system I’ve come across in terms of affordability and having the ability to report, work with a bus ministry, etc. Because we have not actually used it yet, I don’t have much to report. However, I would really like the option to have one computer staffed for visitors and others self-service for parents/kids/teenagers who come regularly. Many, many thanks for all the phone support and advice from the KidCheck staff – amazing people to work with! I am not in any way computer savvy, so this has been excellent! Looking forward to a smoother, safer ride on the administration side of things!

    Ramona Maurer
    Evangel Tabernacle - Kelwona, BC, Canada
  2. The kidcheck system has been easy to use or our family and seems to be a good fit for our church.

    Vineyard - Boise, ID
  3. It’s been a great benefit to our church, and it makes us feel that our child is more protected. Thank you for a great product!

    The Pursuit - Boise, ID
  4. Love it! It’s so easy and quick!

    Vineyard - Boise/Idaho
  5. KidCheck has been great for us. I bring my daughter’s friend with us and when there was a serious issue of who was allowed to pick her up I was able to use the system and know she was safe. It gave me a piece of mind about leaving her friend with the kids to enjoy service.

    The Creekside Church - Mountlake Terrace, WA
  6. Kidcheck has been a wonderful addition to our church family. It is easy to use and we love it!

    Faith Christian Center - Jacksonville, Fl
  7. We have been using KidCheck for 3 weeks now. We love it! So easy to set up and administrate, but more importantly, makes it so easy for parents to check in each Sunday. I like that parents can create their own account from home just by clicking on a link on our website and save time on Sunday mornings. The unique number on the nametag for the security aspect was a huge selling point for me as the Children’s Ministry Director, but also as a parent of a child. The reports are awesome and are going to create a whole new way to communicate with our parents and keep them involved with what is going on in the ministry. The price made this such an affordable option for our church. One more thing….during the set up portion I called KidCheck for support and was blown away by the fantastic customer service!

    Shawn Thompson
    CrossRoads Community Church - Simpsonville, SC
  8. KidCheck is easy to use and checking my 4 kids in and out is a breeze. We just started using this at our church and it beats the devil out of the old system.

    mark t
    cross road cumminty church - simpsonville sc

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