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Customer Comments

  1. The program is certainly easy enough to use. But to have the support that you provide with customer service help, on a Sunday morning even, is simply amazing.

    Dawn Frame
    College Church of Christ - Fresno, CA
  2. Parents love KidCheck.  Volunteers love KidCheck. Our Church Board loves that we are using KidCheck.

    Diane Viney
    St. Andrew's United Church - Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
  3. Love it.  I feel that KidCheck has thought through everything.  If I need to be able to do something – I can with it being simple and easy-to-use!  Parents love it, too.

    Eric Veen
    Bethel Baptist Church - Strathory, Ontario, Canada
  4. KidCheck works great! Solid reliability and some of the best customer service we’ve ever interacted with!

    Josiah Bitgood
    Kelowna Christian Center - Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  5. KidCheck is user friendly, fast, and effective. It’s one of the best things our church has done for our Children’s Ministry.

    Chelsea Roller
    Fall Creek Christian Church - Pendleton, IN
  6. KidCheck is the system I’ve been wanting to use for 20 years! It has efficiency of process, ease of use, reliability of service, but above all: safety and security for the children we serve.

    Brian Lukacsko
    The Bridge Church Columbus - Reynoldsburg, OH
  7. KidCheck has taken us to the next level in child security. It has helped to track children, find out who is missing on Sundays, birthdays, send mass emails, and made parents feel more comfortable dropping off their children.

    Katherine Reyes
    Temple Baptist Church - Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
  8. KidCheck has been a great addition to our children’s ministry.  We are able to get kids checked in quickly and have great security measures for our families.  KidCheck also gives us the reports and tracking that we need to care for the families of our church.

    Gayle Wiese
    East Side Church of God - Anderson, IN

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