Text messaging is a fast, easy, and private way to communication with parents, and it can be quickly done right from the Admin Console or Admin Console App. No need to use a check-in station.


  • Give parents peace of mind with the automatic “child is checked in/out” message when another authorized guardian drops off or picks up a child. Other guardians will have confirmation their child arrived safely and won’t be left wondering if a child has been picked up. Parents choose if they’d like to receive text message or not and for which activity.
  • Quickly let them know about an issue, need, or emergency – right from the KidCheck system.
  • Texting is more personal, private and informative than having their “number” show up on the public reader board or having their pager go off. Parents appreciate the extra information with a text versus page so they know what the issue is.
  • Text messaging saves you time and energy and it’s so easy to do, plus it’s cheaper than using pagers.
  • Broadcast text messaging provides added convenience allowing you to communicate to a group of parents or volunteers/employees to easily get the word out in one fell swoop.