Attention Windows 10 Users: The March Windows update may affect DYMO label printing causing labels to only print blank labels.
(This does not affect ExpressHub4/PrintHub or Mac users.)

To Fix: Install the newest version of the Dymo Label v.8 software. More Info:

Guardian Check-in Receipts

Guardian check-in receipts are an important aspect of KidCheck and play an important role in maintaining a safe and secure check-out process. When children are checked into KidCheck, the system will print a name badge for each child, along with a receipt for the guardian. The ...
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Guardian Location Tracking

Setting up guardian location lists is a snap.  This allows guardians to select their location providing you the ability to know where a guardian is, should you need them in case of an emergency. Step 1: Turn on the Guardian Locations Setting Click on the System Settings icon in the ...
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Multi-Service Check-in

Multi-Service Check-in allows your parents to select multiple locations at check-in if they will be staying for multiple services. You can easily handle check-in and attendance tracking across multiple church services, set automatic open and close times for your check-in stations, and designate exactly which ...
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How do I change a child check-in record for attendance tracking?

This option is available only in Standard, Premium and Campus editions. Go to the Reports tab > Child Logs tab From here you can select a log-row to edit the log. Or create a new log through the Add New Log link on the left.
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Can I check children into multiple services?

Multi-service check-in is a feature available in our Standard, Premium and Campus Editions. Guardians can check children into multiple services right at the initial check-in screen, so there is no need to revisit the check-in station or reprint badges. This allows for a quicker and ...
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Why does KidCheck use a phone number as the check-in identifier?

The 10 digit phone number is the shortest, yet completely unique personal identifier, and therefore fast and easy to use for check-in. Using something like ‘last name’ would make for a time-consuming and confusing check-in experience by having to sort through multiple records of people ...
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Does KidCheck provide options for children to check themselves in?

KidCheck’s self check-in feature allows older children to have more autonomy by providing an alternate check-in process using name badges. These name badges contain the child’s name, picture, any allergy or medical information, and a barcode. No other contact or identifying information is printed in ...
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How do I stop a test label from printing each time I start check-in?

Select System Settings from the top right corner of the screen Select the System Options on the left Select Printing Options from under System Settings Make sure the first box in the Label Printing Options section is unchecked. It says “Print a test label on check-in startup” Select the green Save Changes ...
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How do I install KidCheck on my computer so I can start processing check-ins?

KidCheck is easy to install; simply follow the steps below on the computer that will be used with your check-in station(s). Log on to KidCheck and choose the Check-in tab Choose the link on the Download Software link on the left Select the Download Check in Station Installer on the ...
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