KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares The Power of Feedback

The Power of Feedback

Feedback is an excellent way to build a strong and resilient team, bring people together, and create a healthy flow of communication. It provides a sense of engagement and interactivity, allowing staff and volunteers to take ownership of their contributions. Good feedback is vital for ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares What to do if a Team Member Tests Positive for COVID-19

What To Do If A Team Member Tests Positive For COVID-19

Leaders from all types of child and youth-focused organizations are currently working with different scenarios around COVID-19 and trying to gain a footing. Activities such as creating reopening plans, understanding effective germ management, and identifying ways to social distance during child check-in and out are ...
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New to Kidmin? Make Child Safety a Priority

As up and coming children’s ministry leaders finish seminary and head out for jobs or internships, missions, and mentoring opportunities, there’s often a lot of commentary on the top nuggets of wisdom that should be gleaned. Dale Hudson, one of KidCheck’s favorite Kidmin thought leaders recently ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Features Jessica Bealer Post Teamwork Requires Intentionality

Teamwork Requires Intentionality by Orange Leader Jessica Bealer

This week the Orange Conference gets underway. It’s one of the largest ministry conferences available and provides an opportunity for every individual participating in children’s, youth or family ministry to experience something new. The conference pulls together the top thought leaders in children’s ministry, education, counseling, ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Getting Started

Welcome to the KidCheck Family – Let’s Get Started!

At KidCheck, we love welcoming new organizations into the family. It’s always an honor to partner with those caring for children to help keep them safe and secure. One of our top goals is to make the process of transitioning to KidCheck’s secure children’s check-in ...
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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Encouragment


“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” ~Anne Frank Encouragement is a powerful tool and has been linked to everything from brain development in young children to increased productivity in adults. The benefits of receiving ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In System Misbehave, Get A Special Breakfast

Misbehave, Get A Special Breakfast

We are excited to share today’s guest post from KidCheck’s very own John Dunstan! John brings a wealth of experience in children’s ministry from his previous positions as a child counselor and chaplain at Hillview Acres Children’s Home. Enjoy! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Two adults from my childhood who impacted me ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In System Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Mark Foster, Support Team Manager

Name: Mark Foster Current Position: Support Team Manager At KidCheck for: 2+ years This month’s Employee Spotlight is Mark Foster. Mark manages KidCheck’s Support Team and oversees special services such as custom orders, client education & training, and product testing. An Iowa native, Mark is passionate about the ...
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KidCheck Children's Check-In System Support Video

Understanding Your Children’s Check-In Through Video

Studies have shown favorable results of the effect video has on learning performance. It’s thought that those who receive video instruction score higher on recall than those who don’t. Most people are visual learners and prefer to receive a video demonstration which then can play/replay ...
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Children's Ministry Tools

Book Review – Sunday School That Works!

Thankfully, the market today is flooded with a tremendous amount of resources to help make children’s ministry the best it can be – with magazines (both hard copy & online), blogs, websites, community hubs, and a myriad of other resources, there’s no shortage of great ...
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