Attention Windows 10 Users: The March Windows update may affect DYMO label printing causing labels to only print blank labels.
(This does not affect ExpressHub4/PrintHub or Mac users.)

To Fix: Install the newest version of the Dymo Label v.8 software. More Info:

How do I license my check-in station?

Licensing a check-in station for the first time is quick and easy: Click on System Settings in the upper right of your administrative KidCheck account Select Licensing on the left under “Your Account” Select Edit This Computer’s License (on the left under “Page Options”) On the window that opens, name your check-in station and ...
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How do I transfer a license from one check-in computer to a new one?

You’ll need to first suspend one of your existing licenses on it’s check-in station to allow it to be transferred to a new check in station. To suspend a license: Sign in to KidCheck, and choose System Settings on the top right Select Licensing (on the left under “Your Account”) Click ...
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Can I turn off printing for a specific template or check-in station?

Label printing cannot be turned off based on check-in template, however, it can be done for specific check-in stations or kiosks. There are two ways to turn off the printing for a station: While check-in is running on the station, select Close in the upper right corner. ...
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What are the KidCheck system requirements?

While the base hardware requirements necessary to run a KidCheck Check-in Station are modest, hardware choices and network speeds certainly impact the check-in experience. For a detailed list of system requirements, please consult the KidCheck System Requirements. Computers used for administration, running reports, and accessing information ...
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What computer do you recommend for our check-in stations?

KidCheck offers multiple options for check-in hardware, including complete check-in stations, check-in PCs and mobile carts. While these are not required to run KidCheck, they can help enhance the overall check-in experience. See the KidCheck Store for more information and pricing.
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Can I use a touchscreen PC for our check-in system?

Touchscreens work great with KidCheck’s secure check-in system and we even designed a touchscreen keyboard within Kidcheck to help ensure the experience is great! We have many happy customers that incorporate touchscreens as a part of the kiosk setup. That being said, KidCheck designed the ...
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