KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Back to School Child Safety Policies

Back to school is the perfect time of year for churches, fitness facilities, and other child-centered organizations to take a look at their current child safety and security strategies.  At KidCheck we refer to this as a Child Protection Policy (CPP).

By reviewing your organizations current CPP, you’re opening the door to establishing guidelines that increase child safety. Conversely, if your organization is operating without an established CPP, they increase the risk of harmful incidents.

A CPP is able to help ensure that anyone who comes into contact with children has a defined set of working principles and minimizes the grey area regarding interacting with kids. It also offers a layer of protection for staff, volunteers and adults in the scenario of false accusations.

The main purpose of the CPP is to create a safe environment for the children. A good CPP requires everyone coming into contact with children be screened and undergo a background check.

We understand it’s impossible to eliminate all the different scenarios that can adversely affect the children in your care, but our hope is that you’ll do everything within your sphere of influence to prevent unwanted circumstances.

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