KidCheck secure children's checkin is sharing top child safety websites to bookmark

Child protection and safety is a big topic. The Internet is a great source of information for child safety, which is both good and bad. There’s so much information that sometimes it’s hard to go through everything to find what you need.

Here are the top six sites you should bookmark when child safety is a top priority for your organization.  These suggestions come from years of working with organizations dedicated to taking care of children in the safest manner possible.

If there are others that you would like to share please do so in the comments below.

  1. Center for Personal Protection and Safety: This website is a trove of good safety information. It truly sets the bar for organizations looking to train personnel. The best thing about this site is all of the online resources they provide.
  2. Safely Ever After : This site is the brain child of Patty Fitzgerald. Patty is the owner and operator of the Safely Ever After Program. Patty’s program focuses on education and training of non-fearful safety programs for parents and kids. The site has great statistics, prevention tips, and facts that every person dealing with children should know.
  3. Darkness to Light: A premier abuse prevention organization with one difference, they focus on empowering people to prevent child sexual abuse through the testimonies of abuse survivors. This key difference teaches people to look past stereotypes and offers a fresh perspective in dealing with organizational abuse. Plus, they have a cool new phone app!
  4. Stop It Now: Was founded by Fran Henry over 20 years ago. Fran is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who understands that the standard approaches to keeping kids safe don’t work today. Fran’s work helps others understand the complexity of most abuse cases, where a high percentage of victims know their offender or it’s someone the child considers a safe adult. Stop It Now offers practical balanced guidance to individuals with questions or concerns.
  5. Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Safety Library: Whether you’re a customer of Brotherhood Mutual or not, they have developed an outstanding library of online resources for churches and children’s ministry. Their site contains articles, checklists, sample forms and much more. What we like about their information, is that it’s been created in an organization with a risk management perspective. This means everything is straightforward and highly actionable.
  6. Protect My Ministry Blog: Protect My Ministry is a company that provides background checks for staff, volunteers and leadership who currently serve in, or would like to serve in, ministry in the future. A background check is one of the best steps you can take to prevent abuse. Spoiler alert! They are integrated into the KidCheck product so we have seen first-hand how they work and the benefits they provide. That’s why we’re suggesting their blog.  It’s filled with great information on sexual predators, screening, background check red flags, and lots more.

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