KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In shares an excerpt from Technology Spotlight: Children's Check-In

In partnership with Church Tech Today KidCheck designed the eBook “Technology Spotlight: Children’s Check-In” to focus on helping children’s ministry leaders fine-tune their safety and security protocols. The eBook is a timeless resource that shares information on key topics such as: volunteer security, background check information, child allergy management, welcoming visitors, and most importantly, the benefits of using electronic check-in to increase child safety.

Below is an excerpt from the eBook which shares the importance of choosing a modern electronic check-in system that meets the needs of a growing ministry.


The right technology, properly implemented, improves safety and security so that you can focus on your main job: guiding children in your ministry to grow in their faith.

Technology and Your Relationships

Technology is only as strong as the people using it. Even the best and most innovative check-in system must be used by staff and volunteers properly and consistently to reap the full benefits.

The best way to make that happen is by building relationships of trust—with both your technology provider and your staff and volunteers. The people in your ministry are your true first line of defense. Arm them with great technology and training, and everyone wins.

A secure children’s check-in system helps keep kids safe while building a relationship of trust with your church members and visitors.

Addressing Your Needs

As you consider a comprehensive safety and security plan for your children’s ministry, choosing a children’s check-in software system to address the needs outlined in this book will be integral. You want to improve child security, streamline the check-in process, and create a positive parent and visitor experience, all at a great value.

As you consider what children’s check-in system to use, here are a few important questions to ask:

  • What features are available, particularly safety features, including medical/allergy information, and parent communication tools?
  • How easy-to-use and intuitive is the system?
  • What sort of training and technical support is available? At what cost?
  • Is the system accessible to parents but adequately protected with password encryption and other security measures?
  • Does the system allow you to easily track attendance and other data?
  • Does the check-in provider offer a free demo of the technology?
  • Does the check-in provider specialize in check-in software, or is it simply an add-on feature of a larger software system? Is the system 100% web-based or is it desktop based?
  • Does the check-in system offer mobile access via tablets? Mac and PC? Kiosk functionality?

For many churches, fitness facilities, and childcare centers across North America and abroad, KidCheck has been their choice to serve their check-in needs with intuitive and user-friendly children’s check-in software. KidCheck provides a reliable, flexible, and comprehensive set of software tools for check-in and check-out that will enhance the security and safety of the children in your care.

KidCheck works well for churches of any size, whether it’s a small growing church, medium-sized, or a mega church. The company provides a wide choice of features in a variety of custom packages.

Churches select which edition and number of check-in stations they need, but can change editions or the number of check-in licenses needed at any time as the ministry expands or demographics shift.

The company provides additional value beyond their children’s check-in software, including free training and live support which is available six days a week (including Sunday morning), a blog, and podcast highlighting the latest information on best practices in child safety and security.

In addition to building industry-leading software, KidCheck is devoted to building trust and maintaining a high level of relationship with the churches they serve.

What KidCheck Offers

Guardians create a free KidCheck account online, where they upload photos, contact information, any medical or allergy alerts, as well as information about who can (and sometimes, who cannot) pick up the child. That information is accessible to your ministry when each family checks in. This eliminates the need for your staff to handle data entry, which saves time and ensures that information is accurate and kept current. Allergies or other key info is noted with a discreet but easily identified symbol on the child’s nametag.

With their phone number or custom key tag, parents and guardians can check their children in at an unmanned stand-alone station, or at a computer station or tablet manned by a volunteer—whatever check-in method your church decides is best for them.

A label printer creates a label with a unique code for the child and a matching one for the parent. In order to retrieve their child from the classroom, they must show the guardian name badge with the matching code.  Additional security measures within the KidCheck system are available for check-out beyond matching name badge codes if a church desires additional safeguards.

KidCheck software helps churches track attendance, communicate with parents, and check children in and out smoothly and safely. It reduces liability by mitigating the risk of releasing a child to an unauthorized person.

The system includes a comprehensive suite of reports, including custom report features, and even a report that churches can use as a back-up in case they lose their Internet connection.

KidCheck also has a youth self-check-in feature for older children, which includes automatic text messaging letting parents know if their child has checked in or out.

Overall, educating your ministry, aiming for excellence, and reaching out to a children’s check-in provider such as KidCheck can bless your ministry, demonstrate your commitment to safety, and pave the way for improved communication and care of your church’s precious children.

Technology Highlight: Having live tech support available just in case you need it can help make sure your Sunday morning check-in runs smoothly. KidCheck offers robust support tools online, plus live support six days a week including Sunday mornings.

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