KidCheck Children's Check-In Password Security

With news headlines often highlighting well-known companies with database compromises and stolen passwords, one wonders how their data remains safe. Rest assured, KidCheck asked the same question and takes strong measures to ensure your children’s check-in password remains secure.

A lot of magic happens behind the scenes, but, in short, KidCheck uses a multi-part hashing process to protect your password. Without going into too much detail (and to maintain our particular secret recipe), that basically means we use a variety of techniques to keep any bad guys away from your password. In the highly unlikely event someone did get a hold of a password while it passes through the internet, there wouldn’t be much they could do with it. We encrypt every password, meaning we wrap it in a disguise that makes it unreadable without knowing how to decode it. Read this article for more technical details of this type of protection.

One way to think of KidCheck’s security process is to imagine writing your password in a secret code on a piece of paper. You then take that piece of paper and lock it in a briefcase that only you and KidCheck have the combination to. You then take that briefcase and lock it in safe deposit box within a bank vault.

Sure, someone could potentially obtain the piece of paper within the briefcase, break your code, and obtain your combination. However, it would take considerable effort, a lot of planning, and much, much time spent (as in years and years). In short, it would be very unlikely and nearly impossible.

All that goes to say you can rest assured KidCheck works to keep your password (and all data) as safe as if it were our own.