Attention Windows 10 Users: The March Windows update may affect DYMO label printing causing labels to only print blank labels.
(This does not affect ExpressHub4/PrintHub or Mac users.)

To Fix: Install the newest version of the Dymo Label v.8 software. More Info:

What are the KidCheck system requirements?

While the base hardware requirements necessary to run a KidCheck Check-in Station are modest, hardware choices and network speeds certainly impact the check-in experience. For a detailed list of system requirements, please consult the KidCheck System Requirements. Computers used for administration, running reports, and accessing information ...
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I’m having trouble printing to my DYMO Labelwriter printer – what should I do?

Troubles with your Dymo Labelwriter printer can typically be resolved by following a few simple steps. First, make sure your printer is selected and that printing is enabled in the Close Check-in dialogue box: Start a check -in session Select Close Check-in in the upper right hand corner Select ...
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How do I clean my label printer?

We suggest you clean your DYMO LabelWriter printer(s) on a monthly basis. As the labels can’t be in the printer when you clean it, perform the cleaning when loading a new roll of labels – it’s a quick and easy process. If the printer jams, ...
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What if the printer seems to be printing blank labels? How do I load new labels?

Blank labels after a recent Windows update? See: Otherwise see below… You’ll want to do two things: 1) clean your printer using a DYMO Cleaning Pad (available in the KidCheck Store), and 2) make sure your labels are loaded correctly. Tips for loading labels: Open the printer and make sure the ...
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How do I get replacement ink cartridges for the printers?

DYMO LabelWriter printers are thermal printers, and therefore do not require ink or toner cartridges. That means no need to replace expensive ink cartridges, and no mess! The DYMO printers are simple to use and are a better value than traditional ink based printers. However, you ...
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Where can I purchase labels to use with KidCheck?

KidCheck offers the DYMO printer labels at a highly competitive price due to our ability to order them in bulk. There are 300 labels per roll and they can be ordered in quantities of 4, 18 or 36 rolls. More information can be found at ...
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What is the Label Restock Program and how does it track and manage my label needs?

KidCheck’s Label Restock Program (LRP) is a free service we offer to our customers to ensure they never run out of labels again.  It counts the labels as they are printed and notifies us when you are ready for your next shipment.  You have the ...
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What size are the DYMO printer labels?

2 5/16” x 4”
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