KidCheck’s Label Restock Program (LRP) is a free service we offer to our customers to ensure they never run out of labels again.  It counts the labels as they are printed and notifies us when you are ready for your next shipment.  You have the flexibility and freedom to choose your order quantity and minimum on hand quantities and always have 48 hours to decline your next shipment.

To input or edit your information in the Label Restock Program

  1. Choose System Settings from the top right
  2. Choose the Label Restock Program on the left
    • Click the box to enable Label Restock
    • If you have multiple campuses, select the appropriate one
  3. Complete the Restock Settings for Trigger Quantity, Restock Quantity and Current Quantity on Hand fields with your label information
  4. Input or ensure your mailing address is correct
  5. Select your payment method and add a new credit card or edit current credit card information