Improving Child Safety and Security

Improving Child Safety and Security

Free Video Series and Download: “Improving Child Safety in Your Organization”
The “Improving Child Safety in Your Organization” video series and companion pdf guide provide actionable, specific best practices and suggestions that can easily be put into practice, to help you create a safe environment for […]

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KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In is sharing a free eBook Protecting The Kids In Your Care

Protecting the Kids in Your Care

Free eBook download!
In this eBook, KidCheck and other child safety experts answer questions from Church Executive on key topics organizations face today regarding child protection and safety.
Learn more about:

The risks facing churches regarding child safety
Why churches are targets for potential offenders
Child protection policies
What comprehensive background […]

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KidCheck Children's Check-In Software

How Secure Children’s Check-In Can Help During an Evacuation

Having a secure children’s check-in system provides several benefits to keeping the wee ones in your care more secure.  Most would say, it’s a simple process that flows like this…a registered child is checked-in by an authorized guardian or parent, two tags are printed – […]

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Data Security

At KidCheck, our focus is not just on helping with the security of the children in your care, but the security of data as well. We take the security of your information very seriously. It’s a top priority, every day. On this page we’ll cover […]

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Security Code Filter Feature

In addition to KidCheck’s existing filter to prevent accidental inappropriate security codes, the Custom Security Code Filter allows you to add any additional codes you want to reserve from being a printed code (i.e. 411, 911).

Click the System Settings icon in the upper right
Select the System Options option in […]

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We are a church in Canada, does the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act affect us?

I understand the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act states personal information can not be housed on servers outside of Canada. Does this affect us as KidCheck servers are in the United States? No, per the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy […]

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