KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Getting Started

At KidCheck, we love welcoming new organizations into the family. It’s always an honor to partner with those caring for children to help keep them safe and secure. One of our top goals is to make the process of transitioning to KidCheck’s secure children’s check-in system as easy and painless as possible.

What happens after you sign up for KidCheck? Where can you turn for the answers you need to your questions? How do you get started implementing your secure children’s check-in? What/How do you communicate to the families you serve about the benefits of using an electronic check-in system?

Well…we’re glad you asked! Listed below are resources that KidCheck provides at no additional cost to you. These resources are designed to help you get momentum and quickly move towards finalizing your implementation plans.

Plus, if you find that the information you need isn’t readily available we have a Support staff available six days a week (including Sunday) to answer any further questions. Once again thank you for choosing KidCheck!

Getting Started – a list of resources

  1. Quick Start Guide – This is a six-step guide to instruct you on how to set up and configure the KidCheck check-in software.
  2. Roll Out Guide – Planning for implementation is the key to having a successful roll out. This guide gives helpful hints and strategies for a smooth transition which includes a How To information on creating a plan, setting up your stations, and common mistakes to avoid.
  3. Roll Out Resources – Multiple documents and tools designed to help you get the word out about your new secure children’s check-in system. It comes with everything you need to share the good news with parents.
  4. FAQ’s – Learn from those who have gone before you with a list of the most frequently asked questions.
  5. Tutorials – Step-by-step instructions including everything from the printing of badges to the KidCheck mobile features and functionality.
  6. Best Practices – A treasure trove of information on topics from relationships, to children’s check-in, to safety best practices.
  7. Support (How To) Videos – Most people are visual learners and studies show favorable results of the effect video has on learning. If you prefer a video demonstration which you can replay as often as you like this section is for you.
  8. Support Contact Information – Whether you’ve just joined KidCheck , or you’re a long time customer, we’re always here to assist you. Contact information includes office hours, sales team information, and options for reaching out to the support team.

If you’re not already a KidCheck customer and would like to get started please click here.