KidCheck Secure Children's CheckIn is Sharing Encouraging Words for Kids on Thanksgiving

Praise is the greatest encouragement for a child. Encouragement to a child creates curiosity and fascination, which then sparks imagination. Imagination matters, because it influences development. According to Sir Ken Robinson, an expert in early childhood learning and development, “imagination is the source of all human achievement”.

Words are powerful! They can either be used to inspire the best in those around us or they can be a negative force for destruction. Sometimes finding the right words at the right time is difficult. Listed below are examples of things to say to build up the children around you.

If you have any words of encouragement to add please do so in the comments section below.

Great job * Well done * I’m very proud of you * Good for you * Neat * Outstanding * That was a smart decision * You are smart * God loves you * I love you * I knew you could do it * I believe in you * I know you are trying * Way to go * What an imagination * You are growing up * Good memory * Amazing * Nice work * What a wise choice * You are a blessing * You are special *  You are valuable * You are a gem * You are more precious than gold *  You are incredible *  You are important * Fantastic performance * Outstanding job * You are a winner * You are a hard worker * Remarkable effort * Nothing can stop you * Now you’ve got it * Excellent * You are catching on * Great * Wonderful * Good * Terrific * Beautiful * Now you are cooking * You are amazing * Outstanding work *  You are spectacular *  You are a real trooper * You are unique * There’s no one else like you * You are wonderfully made * Thanks for trying so hard * Good try * Good effort * Magnificent * Now you’ve got it * Super job * Phenomenal * Marvelous * Dynamite * You mean so much to me *  You brighten my day * You make me laugh * Hurray for you * You are beautiful * You are handsome * You are kind * You are a good friend * I like you * You light up my life * You belong * You’re important * We are family * That’s right * You’re correct * You are a success * You are so wise * You are a beautiful creation * You are loved * Wow! I never thought of it that way * Good thinking * You are an overcomer * You are victorious * You are a ray of sunshine * You are patient * Good attitude * You are a doer * Job well done * I like your style * You are a chosen one * Thanks for being you * You are a big part of some many lives * Keep up the good work * Great effort * Brilliant thinking *

Many of these phrases speak to a child’s accomplishments and promote positive behavior patterns and what could be better than that? Warning, using them daily may cause big bright smiles, lots of hugs, and a good self- image.

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