KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In is Sharing New Improvements to the Admin Console Mobile App

We’ve made some improvements to the KidCheck Admin Console App! As a reminder, with the app, there’s no need to use a check-in station or web browser to handle important administrative tasks, because it puts all the necessary data right at your fingertips. By using the KidCheck Admin Console Mobile App, you’ll see a reduction in workload, an increase in efficiency, stronger child security, and faster communication with parents and guardians.


Based on customer feedback, we’ve made these updates to the Admin Console Mobile App:

  • Volunteers/workers can now be checked out in the app
  • Templates can now be changed for children and volunteers/workers, in addition to changing their location
  • Children and volunteers/workers checked in are listed alphabetically by the person’s name. It’s helpful to note that children and workers are all together now as well.

To learn about the setup of the Admin Console Mobile App see the video below.

This KidCheck How-To Video is a walk through of the Admin Console app for Tablets and Smartphones. The Admin Console app is a very useful tool for having live class rosters on your phone or tablet, texting or calling guardians, and so much more!

The benefits of using the KidCheck Admin Console App continue to grow and help meet the rise in demand for mobility for data management coupled with the importance of child security. Plus, it’s easy to implement and delivers extra flexibility.

Data available in the KidCheck Admin Console app remains highly secure with only the KidCheck Administrator, Start/Stop and Campus Manager roles having access.

KidCheck’s Admin Console app is available to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for free.