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Customer feedback is important, and we take it seriously!  Last week we shared in our post “KidCheck’s Top 5 Blog Posts from 2014” that it was a good year.  However, the only thing that really matters is that it’s a good year for our customers, especially when they reach out to us or use our products.

So why do we place such high importance on customer feedback, and even go to great lengths to collect it at all? There are lots of reasons, and too many to share in a short post; but, a few immediately come to mind.

First, it promotes ongoing conversation and helps us to determine what it is that customers really want, not only in a secure children’s check-in product but also out of the company they choose to partner with to keep kids in their care safe.

Second, it shows we care what our customer’s think. Anyone who takes the time in today’s busy world to send us a positive comment or even constructive criticism deserves to be acknowledged. We have a team of highly trained support specialists that answer customer questions six days a week (including Sunday) – why not treat all customer feedback with the same commitment.

Third, customers rarely expect companies to actually act on feedback! Sad, we know. But, true. Feedback is a way for us to gauge our direction.  Are we on the right course? Do our products meet the current needs of today’s children’s ministry environments? What features will help lighten a children’s ministry director’s work load? You get it. Feedback helps us stay engaged with those actually using our product.

So with that said, here is some of the feedback we received last year. Ultimately, we hope you’ll connect with us or send us a line and tell us what’s on your mind. Nonetheless, if not, you’ll get to see what others are saying about what it is like to be part of the KidCheck family.

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Here’s to making 2015 the year of feedback!

Changing to KidCheck was the smoothest and most fun transition ever. Thank you so much for making such a user friendly system! – Duane Crosby, Northhampton Church of Christ, Hampton, VA.

KidCheck makes life easier for parents! – Becky Phillips, Open Table Church

 KidCheck has been a useful tool for safety, attendance, and gathering visitor information. – Kelly Thomas, Brookwood Baptist

 Makes tracking visitors and attendance easier, increases security. – Catherine Kasler, Word Fellowship Church.

 KidCheck helps us to get helpful information on the children that make it possible to create the best and safest experience for young children at our church. – Laura Edmondson, FBC Saginaw. TX