KidCheck Children's Check-In System podcast Alex Smith

It’s not very often as consumers we get to understand the back story of the companies we do business with – their beginnings, how they work, what makes them special, and where they’re going.

In this podcast, KidCheck Founder & CEO Alex Smith, shares some interesting insights on the inception of KidCheck, his personal entrepreneurial journey, and what he sees in the future for KidCheck and secure children’s check-in.


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Playlist Titles:

KidCheck’s First Podcast:  0:1

KidCheck – The Backstory: 0:55

A Foundational Perspective: 1:41

Three Things about Alex: 2:12

The Birth of KidCheck: 4:39

Company Culture: 6:57

The Entrepreneurial Road: 10:26

What’s Next for KidCheck: 14:21

For More Information: 16:58