KidCheck Secure Children's Check-In Shares New and Improved Promote and Lock Child Locations

You’ve been asking for it, and we are excited to deliver.  Introducing the new and improved promote and lock child locations.

Mass Promote

Now, when it’s that time of the year to promote children, you can do it all at once with mass location promotion. The process is now faster, easier, and more efficient. No more requesting and counting on guardians to make the necessary change or needing to make individual updates. Simply do it all at once from one location to another.

Rest assured, multi-service check-in still works the same, now it just keeps the child’s location static.

Locked Locations

Guardians can no longer choose their child’s location based on personal preference. For example they may feel their child is advanced and should be moved up, is not ready and should be kept lower, siblings should be together, or any other reasons. Not only can this be frustrating to you, classroom leaders, and volunteers; it’s also a safety concern. Children need to be placed in the appropriate location as determined by your organization.

As the KidCheck admin, you know which location each child should be checked into based on age, grade, or whatever designation your organization uses. Now you have the option to lock a template so guardians will need to talk with you first, rather than simply making a location change they prefer.


Learn how to promote and lock child locations with this tutorial.

We’re always interested in your feedback. Tell us here your ideas for improvements or new features you’d like to see.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash