Bluetooth Scanner for Mobile Setup

The Bluetooth Scanner for Mobile can be synced with a tablet in order to make scanning via the mobile app even easier.
The following instructions will help you setup/sync the scanner to your device and change default settings.
Attaching to iOS Device:

Go to Settings > Bluetooth
Push button on scanner then scan Disconnect barcode under “Getting […]

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Why doesn’t the “Detailed Lookup” screen come up when I scan a child’s name badge?

To view the Detail Lookup screen you need to ensure the function is enabled.

Login to KidCheck
Choose System Settings from the top right
Choose the System Options on the left
Choose Check-in Options from the setting categories on the left
Under the Detail Lookup Policy you can enable and disable options

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How do I register a keytag to a guardian?

Each guardian in KidCheck can be assigned their own keytag to use for checking in. Assigning a keytag to a guardian is a very simple process:

With check-in running, enter in the guardian’s phone number to bring up their guardian account.
Click in the Register a Keytag box […]

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What is the barcode on the guardian receipt for?

The barcode on guardian receipts are used exclusively for doing check-out of your kids electronically. Electronic check-out takes visual check-out to the next level. The barcode on the receipt is a “key” for the child’s nametag barcode “lock.”
For security purposes, the barcode on the guardian’s […]

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What are the KidCheck system requirements?

While the base hardware requirements necessary to run a KidCheck Check-in Station are modest, hardware choices and network speeds certainly impact the check-in experience. For a detailed list of system requirements, please consult the KidCheck System Requirements.
Computers used for administration, running reports, and accessing information […]

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Does KidCheck use a biometric or fingerprint scanner for check-in?

KidCheck does not currently support fingerprint or biometric systems for check-in. We have found checking-in with a phone number or keytag is just as easy, just as secure, less expensive, and quicker. An optional Check-In PIN is also available as an added layer of security […]

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Do I have to have a barcode scanner for check-in and if so, what type do I need?

Having a barcode scanner is not required to use KidCheck’s secure check-in system. However, they are necessary in order to use keytags to speed up the check-in process and for scanning name badge barcodes (used for seeing additional information and for electronic check-out).
To make things […]

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